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Working on (or interested in)[edit]

  • Spanish exploration and settlement of the Americas
  • American naturalists/explorers/scientists
    • Josiah Whitney
    • William H. Brewer
    • Charles F. Hoffmann
    • Clarence King
    • William More Gabb
    • Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden
    • Frank Stephens (naturalist)
  • 19th-century American entomologists
    • Charles Valentine Riley
    • Alpheus Spring Packard
    • Benjamin Dann Walsh  Done
    • John Lawrence LeConte
    • Cyrus Thomas
    • Samuel Hubbard Scudder
    • William Saunders  Done
    • Carl Robert Osten-Sacken
    • Asa Fitch
    • Hermann August Hagen  Done
    • William Henry Edwards  Done
    • Charles Henry Tyler Townsend  Done
    • Herman Strecker  Done
    • Albert Koebele  Done
    • Eugene Amandus Schwarz
    • Samuel Wendell Williston
    • Leland Ossian Howard
    • John Gottlieb Morris  Done
    • Philip Reese Uhler  Done
    • Samuel Stehman Haldeman

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Useful citations[edit]

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