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Welcome to Gloriamarie's user page

"... Whatever you live is life." - Robert Penn Warren
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Welcome to my user page!

I enjoy anything and everything, and that is part of why I love Wikipedia. I love people, and I love the Earth and animals, too. I believe strongly that it is not that hard to be nice to people; I have no patience for anyone who is not nice... It's the least you can do in life. :)

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I could list hundreds of interests, but some major ones include:

  • Politics • Animals • Literature • History • Art • Philosophy • Vegetarianism • Music • Different countries and cultures • People and the crazy things they do • Ron Paul! • Computers and technology • Science • People who accomplished significant things but are now lost to history

I used to live internationally and I want to again someday. I love to travel and see new places and meet people from different cultures.


Articles I've Created

Richard Bock (sculptor and associate of Frank Lloyd Wright) • Maria Cosway (artist and love interest of Thomas Jefferson) • Robert Smith (baseball) (former President of International Baseball Association, person most credited with baseball becoming an Olympic sport) • Phyllis Holmes (Olympic basketball coach, member of Women's Basketball Hall of Fame) • Stephen CoburnAbner CoburnThe Founders of Sigma Kappa-- • Mary Caffrey Low CarverElizabeth Gorham HoagIda Mabel Fuller PierceFrances Elliott Mann HallLouise Helen CoburnDurham Performing Arts Center (the largest performing arts venue in the Carolinas, which opened in November 2008) • Z. Smith Reynolds FoundationNew Harvest, a nonprofit organization working to develop cultured meatDaniel Simons, researcher on inattentional blindness

Extensive contributionsAbolitionism (bioethics)Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri (al-Qaeda terrorist) • ‎ Rod BlagojevichRod Blagojevich controversiesPattie BoydCarrboro, North CarolinaCongressional Black CaucusCorporate Average Fuel Economy (federal fuel efficiency standards) • Council on Foreign RelationsJohn Demjanjuk (alleged Nazi death camp guard living in Ohio and extradited to Germany for trial) • Mike Easley (former governor of North Carolina) • Elgin MarblesJeff Flake (congressman from Arizona) • FlyladySteve Fossett (the adventurer) • Franklin Street (Chapel Hill)Kevin Granata (Virginia Tech professor) • Billy GrahamGreenville, IllinoisGreenville CollegeTheresa Grentz (Hall of Fame basketball coach) • Hillsborough, North CarolinaHistory of the Federal ReserveHIV Trial in Libya (Six Bulgarian nurses sentenced to death) • HOPE VI (federally funded US mixed-use housing projects) • In vitro meatLady Bird JohnsonLyndon JohnsonB.J. Lawson (North Carolina 4th District congressional candidate) • John Mackey (CEO of Whole Foods) • Madoff investment scandalJeff MacNelly (Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist) • Madoff investment scandalmilw0rm (hacktivist group that hacked into Indian nuclear servers) • Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe) • Richard NixonRon Paul (presidential candidate) • David Pearce (philosopher) (author of The Hedonistic Imperative) • Edith PiafPolitical positions of Ron PaulDavid Price (American politician)Geli Raubal (Hitler's niece) • Rent control in New YorkR.J. ReynoldsSaint Bavo CathedralNicolas Sarkozy (President of France) • Sigma KappaSocial Security debate (United States)Clarence ThomasTopkapı Palace (sultan's palace in Istanbul) • Brian Transeau (musician and DJ better known as BT) • United States presidential election, 1960United States presidential election, 1980University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignFrank Watson (politician) • "We Are the World" • Welfare (financial aid)

Smaller editsMaya AngelouYasser ArafatRoscoe BartlettCarr Mill MallDPT vaccineDesegregation busing in the United StatesIsabelle Dinoire (first facial transplant patient) • Ghent AltarpieceGuantanamo military commissionHillsborough StreetGary E. Johnson (former New Mexico governor) • Walter B. Jones (North Carolina congressman) • John F. KennedyKensington PalaceEllie Kinnaird • • Michael MadiganMilan CathedralModern evolutionary synthesisTheodore Olson (former US solicitor general) • Presidency of Dwight D. EisenhowerPresidency of Gerald FordPresidency of Jimmy CarterBill Richardson (New Mexico governor) • Seville CathedralSt Paul's CathedralStrasbourg CathedralUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignWeaver Street MarketGeorge C. Williams, evolutionary scientist •

Current focuses and to-do list Some Michael Jackson articles: Living with Michael JacksonPeople v. Jackson
Romanticism, Abbey Court Apartments American Dance Festival The Selfish Gene

Interesting articles Strasbourg astronomical clockIsted LionAltar of Veit StossJohn AndréRotten RowArkansas ProjectBill LearSears Catalog HomeBerkSharesHaing S. NgorHedgehog's dilemmaDaubert v. Merrell Dow PharmaceuticalsHoward JarvisGreat Pacific Garbage PatchNixon ShockNew York City blackout of 1977


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For your outstanding work expanding the article on Skip Prosser in the wake of his sudden passing, I hereby present you with this barnstar. B 19:08, 27 July 2007 (UTC)

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Barnstar for work on the Nixon article Jojhutton (talk) 14:56, 9 November 2008 (UTC))

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