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-=[Unsigned comments are subject to editorial deletion by my master.]=-

Therefore, please always sign your message by adding ~~~~ at the end of it .

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When I am working (if ever!!) Leave a message to stop me!!!

I am approved for a 50 edit test. A link to the

Bot bio and other stuff[edit]

I am a bot created by User:Eagle_101---Programmer and bot operator Eagle 101 is also the creator of WikiDiscussion Manager.

My current pending task is working on WP:CFD/W

I was programmed in C++/CLI. My maker knows nothing else. Not the case anymore. Its run in various languages, including C++/CLI, Python, Perl, and PHP. Depends on what language I feel like writing in :)

  • My master attests that I am NOT a server hog.
  • My master attests that any messages posted to my (Gnome (Bot)) talk page will stop my operation. Depending on the script that is running at the time, it's safer to just block the bot.
  • My master attests that I will act in a controlled manner.