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Human power index[edit]

Power is a difficult concept to quantify. A concrete expression of power of an entity is the number of hours per year a particular issue consumes the Prime Minister's limited attention. For example, if he spends 3 weeks in meetings with George Bush and his handlers, and only 1 week addressing the TUC and negotiating with its leaders on various issues and handling strikes, then the American government is 3 times more powerful than the unions.

The Prime Minister has 3744 working hours in a year. A person's power is measured in the number of hours of the Prime Minister's attention he controls. This control is expressed through institutions. For example, if you are one of the 6 company directors controlling Tesco's, and the Prime Minister meets with Tesco's boss and his lobbyists for 6 hours per year, then your power is 1 Prime Ministerial hour.

Suppose the set of all institutions that can command the Prime Minister's attention is I. These institutions include various unions, political bosses, MPs, Rupert Murdoch, celebrities, TV news broadcaster that he watches, other countries, the UN, the Afghanistan Taliban, and so on.

For each , is the number of Prime Minister's hours consumed. Therefore, .

The set of people is P. For each person , the power within an institution is .

So the total number of Prime Ministerial hours (as a measure of power) any person is worth is:

You can introduce more terms by broadening the number of people who matter to a bigger set than just the Prime Minister, but that would make it less concrete. If something consumes the Prime Minister's limited number of working hours, it's a measure of his concern, not his power over it. It could equally be something that has power over him (like Murdoch).

The assumption is that in a democratic society, the Prime Minister's attention distributed to where the real centres of power are located. It would be no good to use instead, for example, the number of column inches of newsprint expended on each institution, because the news is notorious for distracting from power (eg Murdoch's).

Caves on wikipedia[edit]

Work on Wikipedia:WikiProject_Caves has begun. Trying to drum up interest in any place where cavers meet.

Caves I can remember visiting.
Titan (cave), Swildon's Hole, Goatchurch Cavern, Gaping Gill, Ogof Hesp Alyn, Steinbrückenhöhle, Peak Cavern, White Scar Caves, Lancaster Hole, Stoke Lane Slocker

Look for more caves in Category:Caves_of_England.


My special area of expertise is with Computer-aided manufacturing, specifically software generating G-code for CNC Milling machines.

I wrote most of the algorithms in machining STRATEGIST while employed at NC Graphics, and intend to explain what I can of these hidden algorithms that are the basis of so much manufacturing.

Work begins on Computer-aided manufacturing. It's pretty hard to get it down.

The basic starting point is cutter location.

The whole layout of this area of wikipedia is shambolic, which pretty much represents the sloppy state of terminology in the industry, and the complete disconnection the academic establishment has assumed in relation to the state of the art in this technology. It's not obvious how to sort this out.

One could lift the terminology from brochures, but everyone who writes them just makes it up as they go along. We need to see some consultation with users to work out what they like to call these things.

Even being able to resolve CNC, G-codes, 5-axis milling machings, and CAM into separate concepts is impossible at the moment.

I've got a set of pictures from a text I attempted to write, which I will upload when I can.


I am currently very active building www.undemocracy.com which is designed to make official UN documents accessible to wikipedians.

Parliamentary infomatics[edit]

I have also found I have a talent for writing parsers of online badly structured data, and used it to build Publicwhip to uncover all the MP's votes in Parliament. A byproduct of this work was input into theyworkforyou.

Pages I have started[edit]



GB mapping position for Ireby Fell Cavern SD 67367.78 77343.61 without the decimals SD6736877344

Template sandbox[edit]

Tony McNulty Written Ministerial Statement, 11 September 2006 col. 122WS {{{title}}}

THE BEGINNING United Nations Security Council RES page 99. (in hindi). THE END

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