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Golfhaus is a relative newcomer to the world of Wikipedia. This hasn't stopped me from barging in, kicking my feet up onto the table, and leaving my towels all over the bathroom floor. I consider myself a Virginian more than I do an American, and have decided to focus most of my Wikipedia energies on things dealing with The Old Dominion and the cities, towns, and counties that comprise it.

Pages I've created within Wikipedia

Currently, I'm working on making pages for all of the parks that make up the Newport News Parks system. I have also started work on pages dealing with Newport News Public Schools and Newport News Mayors. Once the parks and mayors projects are done, the schools project will be more my focus.

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Future projects, once I have completed those, include:

  • Pages on city parks for other areas in Hampton Roads, beginning with York County
  • Pages on the mayors of other Virginia cities, starting with Hampton
  • Pages on the public school systems for all cities and counties in Virginia

Wikistuff I do away from Wikipedia

I have written a few pages for the Simple English Wikipedia, and hope to do more with that project in the future as well.

I helped get Achewiki, a wiki devoted to Achewood, my favorite comic strip, up and running. I currently serve as an admin on that site.

More than you wanted to know about me

I was born in 1977. I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I have a daughter, who's cuter than either of her parents could ever aspire to be. I work in the aviation industry (but I'm not a pilot). I have been a geek since time immemorial. I used to fight it. Now, I revel in it.

Things that interest me include: