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She was a dame. A dame who'd link something as soon as look at you. She had some kinda bee in her bonnet about helping people, always taking in stray kittens, even the ones that couldn't really be helped. A classy broad, too, a real scholar; knew how to write, and went to the library, even asked questions when she came up blank. Joes on the street, they'd stop and ask her how she did it. "Books," she'd say, "don't you know where to find a book, sailor?" Dames like her are one in a million.
  • Disclosure: User:Molly Doonesbury was a former account of mine, created in late 2006, from which I made a few edits as a new user. I lost interest and did not edit for around a year, during which time I lost the password; when I wanted to return to editing in January 2008 I created this as a new account.