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User:Good Olfactory[edit]

A picture which may or may not be the user in question.
Not GOF.
Or is it?

I am User:Good Olfactory. What you are looking to find out about me can be found embedded within the source code of the userboxes on this page. The hidden meaning can be revealed using a delicate combination of sudoku and banburismus implemented on an original Polish Enigma double (check eBay). (Hint: "U"s are treated as "V"s and the value of any "Z"s and "Q"s are carried over every third pass and combined with the corresponding pass value of "K".)


I'm not a member of any WikiProjects, but I think I'm a member of the CfD Cabal. I'm not 100% sure, though, because no one invites me to any of the meetings and I don't get the newsletter. I can't join any WikiProjects because the string in my leg is gone.

WikiProjects and categories[edit]

My Wikipedia "philosophy"[edit]

If I was uninteresting enough to be able to condense all of my opinions about things on WP by categorizing myself as some sort of "-ist" or a believer in an "-ism", I would still not do it out of pure shame.



Museum of Stuffed Insults: the only price of admission is not complaining to me on my talk page that the museum exists[edit]

Administrators noticeboard complaints about me[edit]

I hope this saves you some time as you work to dig up dirt on me.

Some quotes[edit]

Categories for discussion precedents[edit]

My personal record of categories for discussion "precedents" for deletion are at /CFD and the ones for renaming are at /CFR. Feel free to use them.

Unofficial "CFD-is-broken" tracker (2009–10)[edit]