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Facilita Forecast
Developer(s) Facilita
Stable release
Operating system Microsoft Windows and Linux/Unix (Load Injector only)
Type Load testing tools
License Proprietary
Website Facilita product page

Facilita Forecast is an automated performance and load testing product. Facilita Forecast is used to observe the behavior of an IT system and measure its performance by generating load that attempts to replicate the activity of a population of real users.[1] [2]. Facilita Forecast is used by companies such as Unilever, CMC Markets and Money Supermarket. [3] Forecast was originated from software used to benchmark systems for the UK Department of Social Security. Its successor the Department of Work and Pensions remains a user of the latest versions of the software.


Facilita Forecast consists of several distinct tools and modules: [4]

  • Studio is used to create test scripts, define test scenarios and manage test data. For some communication protocols (including HTTP and HTTPS and Java client) test scripts can be generated by recording the target application.
  • Test Controller initiates, monitors and controls test execution. Test Controller also monitors the SUT.
  • Load Injectors. Load injector instances running on multiple machines can be deployed. Support for particular protocols and application frameworks is layered above core load injection engines. There are three core engine types:
    1. Native cross-platform, scripted in C++ (Windows, Linux and Unix varieties).
    2. Java (software platform) , scripted in Java (programming language).
    3. .NET, scripted in C#.
  • A load test can involve multiple load injectors and a mix of engine types.
  • The Analyzer tool processes test results, including server and network metrics collected directly during the test or by external tools.

Supported Target Technology[edit]

Facilita Forecast creates load on the System Under Test (SUT) by calling external APIs or interacting with the SUT via a suitable standard communications protocol. Among the technologies supported are: Web (both HTTP and HTTPS), Java client-side including RMI, Microsoft Windows GUI, Citrix, .Net client-side, TCP and UDP.[5]

Company Information[edit]

Facilita is a privately owned UK company with its head office located near Congleton, Cheshire (south of Manchester). [6]

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