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Hi everyone, I am Gorkymalorki! That has been my screen name for about fifteen years now. I mainly edit spelling and grammar here on Wikipedia. For some reason though, it is easy for me to edit what other people do, but when I write something, my grammar is horrible. Go figure. I don't really know how to make anything fancy on here, and that is why I do not really mess with major problems within articles, but if I see one I usually leave a note, so that someone more capable can fix it.

Where to find me[edit]

Lately I have been frequenting WP:AFD, mostly deleting articles about non-notable bands. I brings me great joy to know that someone went to go check on his bands page on Wikipedia only to find out that it is deleted. And I hope when they notice it they say to themselves "awww what asshole deleted my page?" I DID M'WAHAHAHAHHAHA

Other than WP:AFD, I am a Random Page Patroller, many nights have gone by sleepless due to three buttons: alt+shift+x go ahead, press them, you won't regret it.

Currently I am working on dog pages. Just doing some minor cleanup, and adding templates.