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NonFreeImageRemoved.svg Gozar is taking a wikibreak and will be back on Wikipedia whenever the work ceases.
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I'm a caucasian American male American living in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA where I'm studying for my PhD in Soil Science within the context of international development, though I have wide ranging interests and might better describe myself as a geographer. I have conducted research related to sustainable agriculture in Uganda and Haiti, with travel in other developing countries limited to Rwanda, Tanzania, and a brief trip into the DRC at Goma. Historically, most of my Wikipedia contributions have dealt with Africa and developing countries, typically the Great Lakes region and Nigeria. I was involved with Wikipedia starting inJune, 2005, but my activity has tailed off somewhat due to graduate school.

The crowning achievement of my previous involvement with Wikipedia was that I had some involvement with the 2005 Kenyan constitutional referendum entry, which appeared on the Main Page for several days at the end of November, 2005.

Prior to my hiatus I'd been allotting most of his time to Nigeria-related articles via WikiProject: Nigeria and on occassion dealing more specifically with issues related to the Niger Delta, particularly in regards to petroleum extraction and resulting strife and environmental degradation in the region.

List of articles Gozar periodically or may edit in the future[edit]

Development: Development studies • Economic development • Energy development • Fair trade • Human Development Index • Informal economy • Information and communication technologies for development • International development • Least developed countries • Make Poverty History • Microfinance • Multilateral development banks • Poverty • World Bank Group

Sustainability: Anaerobic digestion • Appropriate technology • Biodegradable plastic • Carbon negative fuel • Ecological economics • Ecological modernization  • Economics of biodiversity • Ecovillage • Energy conservation • Environmental design • Energy development • Environmental technology • Environmental law • Low-carbon economy • Permaculture • Population  • Recycling • Renewable energy • Social sustainability • Sustainable agriculture • Sustainable city • Sustainable design  • Sustainable tourism  • Sustainable transport  • Waste management • Water

Human/World Population: Human overpopulation • Optimum population • Overshoot (ecology) • Population ageing • Population density • Population pyramid  • Tragedy of the commons  

List of countries by population:  List of countries by population growth rate • List of countries by population density • List of sovereign states and dependent territories by birth rate

Enercon E-66 wind energy converter in Egeln/Germany.