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A few times I've been in need of a flag, and most of these I created graphically from scratch. Seeing the flags of the Confederacy is important on Wiki, since most people are under the strange impression that the CS Navy Jack was the "flag" of the Confederate States of America, when it never was.

Template Graphics[edit]

These are graphics to go with various navigation bars I've created. Since I've created them, they are therefore representing a "POV", and the Neo-Yanks will soon be by to burn them, as they did most of Southern history. Why should these receive any better treatment than a county courthouse?

Premiere Artists Donating to Wiki[edit]

I've personally contacted the artists and received free publication permission for these:

Personal Photos[edit]

Virginia Geography[edit]

Getting great shots of historical or geographical locations in Virginia is a cinch. You can stop the car practically anywhere and take pictures of more history than you'll know what to do with.

Winchester, Virginia[edit]

I should have more of the hometown. Maybe one day.

Defense of Virginia (1861-1865)[edit]

Photos of the famous "MYTH" of 1861[edit]

News Clippings[edit]

Historical Scans and Photos[edit]


Life at sea[edit]

  1. ^ As seen in Mort Kunstler's 1999 painting and contribution to the "MYTH" lore, Jackson Commandeers the Railroad