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For your impressively swift and thorough merging and redirecting of smaller convention articles to furry convention, and for building a well-sourced and well-written article around them, I award you this barnstar. Well done. Shimeru

Welcome! Want general information? Try my homepage or WikiFur's page about me. Furry photos? See my Flickr sets. Pictures? Try Inkbunny. Questions? Ask, or email.

Wiki activities[edit]

I enjoy writing; I have a couple of good articles to my name here, and some more at Wikinews. I also help WikiProject Furry. However, most of my wiki experience has been as founder and administrator of two popular wikis — Creatures Wiki and WikiFur — on which I've spent an inordinate amount of time and made over 50,000 edits. I presented at Wikimania 2006 on the creation and maintenance of such wikis.


I've spent a bit of time at Wikinews - in particular, I penned Furry fans flock to Further Confusion 2007 after attending the convention; it was subsequently selected as a featured article. Later I got a Original reporting barnstar for Anthrocon 2007 draws thousands to Pittsburgh for furry weekend.

Nowadays, what time I have free to spend on journalism is usually spent on furry news and features site Flayrah, which I took over in January 2010 (after three years of contributions to WikiFur's news section). It was voted Best Magazine in the Ursa Major Awards for 2011 and 2013, and is in Google News.


My main involvement with Wikipedia relates to furry fandom, including:

Much of my early time on Wikipedia was spent on the expansion and creations of articles related to my past employer. Stardock, Object Desktop, ThinkDesk, GC2: Dread Lords and most of their "children" in {{Stardock}} were largely my work as of January 2007. I also wrote most of Elemental: War of Magic and I've edited Impulse.

Daily Kitten is watching

However, I'm not here just to write about things related to my hobbies or where I work. I've also worked on several failed initiatives - and one ironic success!

Creatures Wiki and WikiFur[edit]

I am a co-founder of Creatures Wiki and sole founder of WikiFur. Creatures Wiki (launched at the start of 2005) reached 2000 articles in September 2005, while WikiFur (launched July 2005) reached that level on 30 October 2005. Both wikis were among the top ten Wikicities by database size as of October 2005 (prior to the name change to Wikia). They were also featured on 21 February 2005 and December 2005 respectively. Over 1000 articles were added to WikiFur in the first whole month after it was founded (August 2005); we broke 10,000 on October 7, 2008, and 15,000 on April 3, 2012.

Creatures Wiki was mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article about Wikicities - I still contribute irregularly, though it's now achieved a point of incremental improvement until a new Creatures game comes along. I intend to bring WikiFur to the point where it deserves a Wikipedia article; August 2005 was definitely too soon, but the article created in February 2006 stuck around until its deletion that November. It, too, has been mentioned in the press (Pittsburgh City Paper and, among others).

Due to changes in the services Wikia wishes to provide, WikiFur has moved hosts. We now have our own server, which hosts over twenty languages, plus stats and dumps. This is a further time sink, but it's worth it.

Wikimania and Wiki-Conferences[edit]

I was a speaker at Wikimania 2006, where I gave a presentation on techniques for building, managing and promoting collaborative communities to around 30 people. It seemed well-received and I had a great time there.

I also attended NYC Wiki-Conference 2009, presenting on starting a WikiProject (with ClockworkSoul and Invertzoo) and making MediaWiki fly. I received a real life barnstar, which was a nice end to the weekend.

More recently, I attended Wikimania 2014, including its developer days. There sure were a lot of us!


I've had several picky efficiency patches merged, and submitted a few more bugs that were fixed. Together these changes saved almost 0.5 KB in every MediaWiki page, mostly in the size-critical header. I have commit access, and am responsible for starting Extension:MediaWikiAuth.


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I am generally an inclusionist and eventualist; I believe that it is better to have information here than nowhere, though if there is a better place I would suggest moving it. I founded WikiFur because I felt there needed to be a place for the knowledge of the furry fandom.