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Greg Bard

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What (the hell) am I doing?[edit]




See: User:Gregbard/Philosophy
  • I monitor New philosophy articles and tag their talk pages with the WikiProject Philosophy banner. This makes it possible for Wikipedia to create all kinds of lists, and makes available collective data on philosophy topics.
  • I assess articles for importance and quality and monitor the WikiProject Philosophy Assessment logs for changes.
  • I make sure that every philosophy article is organized in the category tree of each of the following categories as appropriate:

  • I concentrate especially on articles that are in Template:Logic. I would like to ensure that we get comprehensive articles, with a consistent format, straight story, inclusive and consistent terminology. I would like to make sure that these articles cover the philosophical component, specifically that the foundational ideas are covered.

Local culture and history[edit]

I feel that we are all responsible for our own local culture. So in that regard, I try to take some responsibility for the political and historical articles related to Norwalk, Connecticut, Chico, California, and the Brevard and Indian River counties area of Florida. Here are some of them:

See: User:Gregbard/Norwalk

Biographies of political officials and historic figures from Norwalk, Connecticut, for instance, the founding settlers, mayors, congressmen, and state senators (recent and ancient) and representatives (historic roster, 137th, 140th, 141st, 142nd, 143rd districts).

See: User:Gregbard/Chico

Biographies of political officials and historic figures from Chico, California, for instance mayors, state representatives and senators.

See: User:Gregbard/Florida

Biographies of political officials and historic figures from Melbourne, Eau Gallie, Florida, Vero Beach and Palm Bay. For instance, List of mayors of Melbourne, Florida, List of mayors of Vero Beach, Florida, List of mayors of Palm Bay, Florida, List of mayors of Fort Pierce, Florida, Florida's 31st House district, Florida's 33rd House district, Florida's 53rd House district, Florida's 16th Senate district, List of members of the Florida House of Representatives from Brevard County, Florida


Selected contributions[edit]


  • If you don't understand something intellectually, you don't understand it at all.
  • The larger the continent of knowledge, the longer the coastline of mystery.
  • Mathematicians see logic through a telescope, philosophers see it through a microscope.
  • The logician is always the supervisor of the mathematician
  • Mathematosis - a very big problem at Wikipedia


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