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I'm a long-time administrator on the English Wikipedia. Thanks to everyone who supported me.

I've been around here since 2003, when I was screencapping SNES games and importing Library of Congress Classification lists. I've gradually moved from a janitorial focus to somewhat more-substantive contributions, and a lot more media-uploading. See my media category on Commons for more of that.



In the earlier days, I imported LCC data, and started (since completely rewritten) articles for everything from State (computer science) to Chinese cabbage to Anne Geddes to the Canon EOS 300D. I then took a mostly-hiatus from 2009 to 2012, briefly returned in 2013, and have been somewhat active since 2016.

Nontrivial articles created since then: Richard Lewisohn · Carl Ice · Michael J. Ward · Steve Tobias · David L. Starling · Bill Wimmer · Richard F. Timmons · Richard K. Davidson · Warnock (typeface) · Linn Enslow · Bird (company) · Scooter-sharing system · Travis VanderZanden · Craft Ventures · Reid Lyon.

Articles significantly worked on since then: Willimantic, Connecticut · California housing shortage.


I'm educated in computer science, with lesser knowledge in math, physics and library science. I'm a working engineer, with a focus on distributed storage systems and system administration.

My interests are eclectic, but (as of 2018) include urbanism, AI alignment, the California housing shortage, rail transport, renewable energy and public health.

My skills include photography, graphs and charts, and programming. (Should expand on that, some.)

The images I've contributed can be seen on my images page. (Pending some serious cleanup, there.)


Large and/or ongoing work[edit]

  1. Create graphs for California housing crisis; get a peer review.
  2. Contribute to Willimantic, Connecticut and shepherd it to at least GA status.
  3. Expand scooter-sharing system.
  4. Fill out biographies linked to from Railroader of the Year.

Quick notes to self[edit]

  1. Use the FAA's airport diagrams to illustrate airport articles. Convert PDFs to SVGs, as in Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (see CVG airport diagram.svg.)
  2. Learn a lot more about Template:Graph:Chart; there are a lot of places it would do very well to use it inline.

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