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Hi, I'm Gricehead.

I was drawn to edit Wikipedia through my interests in lower league football around the world, and also take up some of the strain in keeping the pages tidy for the team I support. I'm currently mostly to be found creating/editing season articles around English, Brazilian and French football, although anti-vandalism work takes me into many different areas.

I'm also involved in page-patrolling for Wikipedia:Disambiguation pages with links and Wikipedia:Adopt-a-typo.

Work in Progress[edit]

Other than normal day-by-day updates, these are current projects I am significantly involved in:

To Do List[edit]

French football club articles to make changes. Details on talk pages in case someone else gets there first[edit]

Work needed for French Lower league system rebuild[edit]

Done, I think.
The following discussion has been closed. Please do not modify it.

Categories of Articles which need updating[edit]

Articles which need creating[edit]