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My name is Milo Grika (born, 29 November, 1967)

I, FireFox, hereby award you The RickK Anti-Vandalism Barnstar for all your reverts and efforts in chasing after vandals!
The GO-PCHS-NJROTC Abuse Report and Antivandal Barnstar For reverting vandalism to Port Charlotte High School!

I started editing the wikipedia 18 January, 2005 with off-color humor though I am not credited as I didn't have an account at that time. I have since become "hooked" on adding and editing articles. I especially like creating new articles; when I come across an article with red links (links to articles that don't exist), I find myself compelled to "fix" them. Looking at my vanity list, you will see that I am drawn to articles concerning natural sciences and linguistics. I am also dedicated to converting the contents of the Jewish Encyclopedia to the Wikipedia, and am a member of the Minnesota Project.

I do feel that the vandalism could kill Wikipedia. This is my suggestion for a possible fix.

Until a real fix is employed, I spend quite a bit of time reverting vandalism, requesting protection of heavily vandalized articles, warning vandals, and reporting vandals.

Number of times my user page has been vandalized: >10

Contact me[edit]

Email me if you wish.

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