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Gerald Lucas

Professor of English at Middle Georgia State University, Digital Humanist, Editor of Project Mailer, Norman Mailer Fellow, Leica Photographer, Pizza Enthusiast, Triumph Scrambler Rider, Novice Wiki Editor

I teach technocultural studies, writing, digital humanities, and the occasional seminar on Norman Mailer. My interests include speculative fiction, digital media, elearning, epic poetry, literary theory, and modernism. In my spare time, I make homemade pizza, discover new craft beers, and take photos.

Contact info[edit]

Department of Media, Culture & the Arts
Macon Campus, CoAS-117
Fall 2018 Office Hours: MTWR 10-11a and by appointment

My significant contributions[edit]

These are articles I started or significantly revised.

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Working on or ongoing[edit]

Often with the help of my students.

Teaching / learning resources[edit]

Have a good resource? Add it to the talk page and I'll have a look. These are the ones I have written and are generally applicable to every class I teach.

ENGL 2111 World Literature I[edit]

HUMN 4472 Studies in Culture[edit]

NMAC 4460 New Media[edit]

Previous WikiEdu-supported courses[edit]

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