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Defining New Media[edit]

When you hear the words "new media", what's the first thing you think about? What should be the first thing you think about? Is this thing a constant? If not, how does it change? Is new media synonymous with "digital media"? With "technology"? With "language"? Or does "new media" contain all of these elements in some complex way? What key concepts do Murray and Manovich add to your understanding?

Think might about it this way: if someone asked you what the "new media" in your major stands for, what would you tell them? How can you support your answer with evidence you have gleaned from the readings? Respond to at least one other post and try to expand it. We will return to this topic throughout the semester.

How does Borges' "The Aleph" comment on your understanding of "new media"? How about "Garden of Forking Paths" or "The Library of Babel"?