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I've been editing on English Wikipedia Since July 2005. I started out working on subject matters that interested me back then, such as Japanese television dramas, Apple Computer related articles, and articles related to the State of Hawaii.


More recently, I've been focusing on boosting the image of ten-pin bowling in Japan. Bowling was my childhood sport, as I competed in junior bowling during my junior and high school years. Back in school, I was a walking encyclopedia of bowling knowledge, as I constantly studied the sports history, equipment and people who made up the sport. I once competed in a juniors tournament in Osaka, Japan, and fell in love with the culture and the people I met there (although I totally wasted the cultural aspect by eating at McDonald's every day.) Once I came back to Hawaii, I started studying Japanese, which led to my interests in many things Japanese. But, when surfing around Wikipedia, I was amazed that there was a total lack of information regarding bowling in Japan. This is currently my major focus.

My Philosophies of Wikipedia[edit]

I believe in deletionism, and I believe in immediatism. Understand these two ism's, and then you'll understand where I'm coming from in virtually any dispute. Wikipedia is basically a summary of the Internet. In a nutshell, if a subject is not well-known throughout the Internet, then it does not belong on Wikipedia. You may know about the subject. Your friends may know about the subject. The entire neighborhood may know about the subject. BUT, unless independent sources across the Internet are talking about the subject, it is not notable. If at least two or three independent people out of millions upon millions of Internet users do not find the subject important enough to write about it, then gosh, darn, gee whiz it isn't good enough for Wikipedia. Unless the subject meets notability guidelines immediately upon its article's creation, it does not belong on Wikipedia, thereby I will always vote for the article's removal.

I think the majority of Wikipedians subscribe to my ideology. If you think we're all wiki Nazis, then so be it. But I'd rather have a clean Wikipedia than one that is taken over by fanatics, dorks, geeks, otaku, trekers and the like. Just because the Internet attracts people like these, it does not mean every public accessible web resource has to turn to utter crap.

One other idea I want everyone to walk away from here with: Just because Wikipedia does not have an article about a certain subject does not mean the subject doesn't have any meaning. I've run into this with many contributors who believe that their product, book, radio show, electronic device, etc. must have a Wikipedia article in order for it to mean something. If you think the Internet circles around Wikipedia, or Wikipedia is the quoran of the Internet, then you've got to re-examine your ideology. I'm just saying that there's life beyond Wikipedia.

Article created or re-structured by Muah[edit]

The following articles were created by me:

The following articles were re-structured by me at one point:

  • Apple Bandai Pippin - Focused the article more on the product, and created Apple Pippin to support the platform.
  • Apple III - Re-wrote about 85-percent of the article, so that it continues in the right direction.
  • ASCII Express
  • KIKU - Added much of the 1960s and 1970s background.
  • USB - Assisted in re-organizing the overall focus of the article.
  • VHS - Researched and wrote the entire history section, and also wrote most of the content regarding mechanics.