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Try to translate my name, Greta, in languages/scripts/orthographies/etc. on this page. When you add the language, Make sure it is in abc (alphabetical) order. Please update the language number count below when you add the language.

Greta in 20 languages.

  • Arabic: جريتا
  • Bulgarian: Грета
  • Chinese: 葛丽泰 (simplified) 葛麗泰 (traditional)
  • Croatian: Greta
  • Czech: Greta or Gréta
  • Danish: Greta
  • French: Greta
  • English: Greta
  • German: Greta
  • Greek Alphabet: Γρετα
  • Hindi: ग्रेटा
  • Japanese: グレタ
  • Korean: 그레타
  • Norwegian: Greta
  • Polish: Greta
  • Portuguese: Greta
  • Romanian: Greta
  • Russian: Грета
  • Spanish: Greta
  • Swedish: Greta