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James Dignan (User:Grutness) is largely uninvolved in Wikipedia these days, owing to the over-officiousness of several users who have made this site no longer the enjoyable place it used to be. Whereas at one time it was a case of two steps forward, one step back - manageable, but annoying - it is now cleartly one step forward, four or five steps back, with accompanying bitching, zealousness and self-glorifying bossiness. This is not what the site should be - it should be a community, with emphasis on the CO-, meaning together. I still contribute here occasionally, but no longer with much of the joy I once had in taking part in what was an effective and wonderful experiment.

Recovering wikipediholic

If you really must know something about me, I'm an admin, and have made a little over 200,000 edits, started several thousand articles, and uploaded over 500 photos and diagrams either to Wikipedia or Wikicommons. Three essays which I have written are used as guidelines on Wikipedia:

I'm English by birth, my ancestry is Irish, and I live in New Zealand. More information about me can be found on these subpages:

If you're desperate to find out yet more (are you stalking me?) you can always check out the old, full version of this page: [1]