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    Hi to everyone!

    My name is Grzegorz Jagodziński. I am Polish and I live in Poland. Grzegorj is just an unusual acronym, not my name.

    My main interests:

    • biology (in fact, this is my profession), and especially
    • phylogenetics and the theory of evolution,
    • general linguistics, historical linguistics, linguistic typology etc.
    • the Polish language (phonetics, phonology, grammar etc.).

    Besides Polish, I can speak English and Russian. I can understand Esperanto and Latin - to some degree. I have basic knowledge about grammatical structure and other features of many other languages.

    If you look at my website, you can find many Polish and some English texts there. Besides articles on the main subjects of my interests, you can even find a text on rail gauge there.

    Need a contact? Go to my page or find me on Google (do not forget to write ń - or n acute in my last name!)...

    --Grzegorj 14:22, 4 May 2007 (UTC)