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W & P Principal characters[edit]

11 scene
concert performance
8 scene
stage première
11 scenes
11 scenes
13 scenes
13 scenes (cut)
13 scenes
Natalya (Natasha) Rostov soprano M Nadion Tatiana Lavrova Rosanna Carteri Tatiana Lavrova Helena Scott Valentina Kayevchenko Galina Vishnevskaya
Count Pyotr (Pierre) Bezukhov tenor F Fedotov Oles Semenovych Chishko Franco Corelli Glebov David Lloyd Vladimir Petrov
Prince Andrei Bolkonsky baritone Andrei Ivanov Sergei Shaposhnikov Ettore Bastianini Sergei Shaposhnikov Morley Meredith Shchabinsky Yevgeny Kipkalo
Field-Marshal Prince Mikhail Kutuzov bass Alexander Pirogov Butyagin Italo Tajo Butyagin Kenneth Smith Alexander Pirogov Alexei Krivchenya
Napoleon Bonaparte baritone Modestov Leon Lishner Pavel Lisitsian
Count Ilya Rostov (Natasha's father) Bass Italo Tajo Chester Watson
Hélène Bezukhova (Pierre's wife) Mezzo-soprano A Vassilieva Cesy Broggini Baskova Gloria Lane Irina Arkhipova
Prince Anatole Kuragin (her brother) tenor F Oganian Androukovich Mirto Picchi Androukovich Davis Cunningham Alexei Maslennikov
Maria Dmitrievna Akhrosimova alto Fedora Barbieri Beatrix Krebs Larissa Avdeieva
Platon Karataev tenor Brenno Ristori
Prince Nikolai Bolkonsky (Andrei's father) bass-baritone N Pantchekhin Jouravlenko Fernando Corena Arthur Newmann Anatoly Vedernikov
Balaga bass Fernando Corena Paul Ukena
Sonya (Natasha's cousin) mezzo-soprano Vittoria Calma Linda McNaughton
Dolokhov baritone Renato Capecchi Michael Kermoyan
Colonel Vasska Denisov baritone Anselmo Colzani Joshua Hecht

Opera sub-projects[edit]

in York cats (excl people)[edit]

   *Acaster Malbis
   *Acomb, Yorkshire
   *Anglian Tower
   *Archbishop Holgate's School
   *Archbishop of York
   *Askham Bryan
   *Askham Grange (HM Prison)
   *Askham Richard
   *Baile Hill, York
   *Bar Convent
   *Battle of Fulford
   *Battle of Stamford Bridge
   *BBC Radio York
   *Bishopthorpe Palace
   *Blue Bridge (York)
   *Bobo Lobo
   *Bootham Park Hospital
   *Bootham School
   *Bridges of York
   *Clifton, City of York
   *Coat of arms of York
   *Deighton, York
   *Diocese of York
   *Ebor Festival
   *Elvington, City of York
   *Grand Opera House (York)
   *Guildhall, York
   *Haxby Hall
   *Henry Hindley
   *Heworth, York
   *History of York
   *Huntington, City of York
   *King's Manor
   *KitKat Crescent
   *Lamel Hill
   *Lloyds Bank turd
   *Mansion House, York
   *Medieval churches of York
   *Merchant Adventurers' Hall
   *Merchant Taylors' Hall, York
   *Middlethorpe, Yorkshire
   *Murton, York
   *National Railway Museum
   *Nether Poppleton
   *Nether Poppleton Tithebarn
   *New Earswick
   *North Yorkshire Forum for Voluntary Organisations
   *Nunthorpe Grammar School
   *Palace of Whitehall
   *Persimmon plc
   *Richard III Museum
   *Riding Lights Theatre Company
   *River Foss
   *Roses Tournament
   *Rowntree Park
   *Rowntree trusts    
   *Shed Seven
   *Shrine of St Margaret Clitherow, York
   *Siege of York    
   *Skelton, York
   *Snickelways of York
   *South Bank, York
   *St George's York
   *St Mary's Abbey, York
   *St Michael le Belfrey
   *St Olave's Church, York
   *St Wilfrid's York
   *Strays of York
   *Suffolk House
   *Tang Hall
   *The Golden Fleece Inn, York, UK
   *The Groves
   *The Press (York)    
   *The Retreat
   *The Shambles
   *Towthorpe, York
   *Upper Poppleton
   *Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma Gate
   *YO postcode area
   *York Against Cancer
   *York and North Yorkshire Community Foundation
   *York Assembly Rooms
   *York Castle
   *York Cemetery, York
   *York City F.C.
   *York City Knights
   *York city walls
   *York Dungeon
   *York House, Strand
   *York Minster
   *York Museum Gardens
   *York Racecourse
   *York railway station
   *York sites of interest
   *York St John University
   *York Theatre Royal
   *Yorkshire Wheel

Selected recordings (table style)[edit]

Year Cast
(Radames, Aida, Amneris)
Opera House and Orchestra
1986 Luciano Pavarotti,
Maria Chiara,
Ghena Dimitrova
Lorin Maazel,
La Scala orchestra and chorus
DVD: Image Entertainment
1989 Plácido Domingo,
Aprile Millo,
Dolora Zajick
James Levine,
Metropolitan Opera orchestra and chorus
DVD: Deutsche Grammophon
ASIN: B000050X2Z

Ragnar Ulfung[edit]

Ragnar Ulfung ( born 28 February, 1927) is a Norwegian tenor, originally singing principal roles before turning to character parts.

Ulfung was born in Oslo and studied there and then in Milan with Angelo Minghetti. He made his début in Oslo in 1952 as Magadoff in The Consul. He sang mostly at Gothenburg for the next few years, where his roles included Jeník in The Bartered Bride, Don Ottavio in Don Giovanni, Duke of Mantua, Don José. Went to the Royal Opera in Stockholm and created the role of the Deaf Mute(!) in Aniara. Also in Stockholm, Canio, Hoffmann, Alfredo, Cavaradossi, Tom Rakewell, Gustavus, Otello.

He created the title-role in Maxwell Davies's Taverner (opera) at the ROH, also sang in Hamburg (Turiddu, Erik, Steva), San Francisco (Riccardo - presumably in Ballo - Valzacchi, Mime, which he also sang at the Met). Elsewhere, Fatty in Mahagonny, Loge, Aegisthus, the Captain in Wozzeck.

Herod and Mime at the ROH 2003 Glyndebourne Fledermaus Doctor Blind, 76 at the time! A friend I was with told me that he'd seen Ulfung as Don Carlos at Covent Garden in 1963. And he'd sung Tamino at Glyndebourne that same year.

The Magic Flute (1975 film) Seattle Opera Ring - directed, 1984 NOVEMBER 16th, 1979: New York, Metropolitan Opera; John Dexter, dir., James Levine, cond.; with Teresa Stratas (Jenny), Astrid Varnay (Begbick), Richard Cassilly (Jimmy), Cornell MacNeil (Moses), Ragnar Ulfung (Fatty), Paul Plishka (Joe)

Synopsis setup[edit]

Place: In and around Corradino's gothic castle in Spain
Time: The Middle Ages

Act 1[edit]

Scene 1: Outside the castle

At the saloon, Sheriff Rance

Scene 2: A magnificent old gallery in the castle

At the saloon, Sheriff Rance

Scene 3: Outside the castle

At the saloon, Sheriff Rance

Act 2[edit]

Scene 1: The countryside near Corradino's castle

At the saloon, Sheriff Rance

Scene 2: The gallery in the castle

At the saloon, Sheriff Rance

Scene 3: A steep mountain-side near Raimondo's castle

Roles 1[edit]

Role Voice type Premiere Cast,
9 January 1947
(Conductor: Maurice Abravanel)
The Maurrant family
Frank Maurrant, a violent, disagreeable brute bass-baritone Norman Cordon
Anna Maurrant, his warm wife dramatic soprano Polyna Stoska
Rose Maurrant, their teenage daughter lyric soprano Anne Jeffreys
Willie Maurrant, their mischievous little boy child, non singing Peter Griffith
The Jones family
Emma Jones, a gossipy neighbor mezzo-soprano Hope Emerson
George Jones, her alcoholic husband baritone David E. Thomas
Mae Jones, their promiscuous teenage daughter mezzo-soprano Sheila Bond
Vincent Jones, her brutish elder brother, a cab driver speaking role
The Olsen family
Olga Olsen, a Swedish neighbor contralto Ellen Repp
Carl Olsen, her husband bass Wilson Smith
Visitors To The House
Dick McGann, a romantic interest of Mae Jones baritone Danny Daniels
Harry Easter, Rose Maurrant's sleazy boss baritone Don Saxton
Steve Sankey, a milkman, supposedly having an affair with Anna Maurrant speaking role Lauren Gilbert
Nursemaid #1, a young nursemaid lyric alto Peggy Turnley
Nursemaid #2, another young nursemaid contralto Beverly Janis
Dr. John Wilson, the doctor for Daniel Buchanan's pregnant wife speaking role
Officer Harry Murphy, a policeman speaking role
James Henry, City Marshall speaking role
Fred Cullen, his assistant speaking role
Ambulance Driver, an ambulance driver speaking role
The Kaplan family
Abraham Kaplan, a radically-opinioned elderly Jewish man baritone Irving Kaufman
Sam Kaplan, his meek teenage grandson, in love with Rose Maurrant tenor Brian Sullivan/Richard Manning
Shirley Kaplan, his elder sister, a school teacher speaking role
The Fiorentino family
Greta Fiorentino, a German neighbor coloratura soprano Helen Arden
Lippo Fiorentino, her feisty Italian husband tenor Sidney Rayner
The Hildebrand family
Laura Hildebrand, a struggling single mother speaking role Juliana Gallagher/Ellen Lane
Jennie Hildebrand, her teenage daughter mezzo-soprano Beverly Janis
Charlie Hildebrand, her little boy child Bennett Burrill
Mary Hildebrand, her little girl child Helen Ferguson
Other Residents
Daniel Buchanan, a nervous neighbor tenor Remo Lota
Henry Davis, the janitor baritone Creighton Thompson
Grace Davis, his little girl child Helen Ferguson

Roles 2[edit]

Role Voice type Premiere Cast, March 27, 1819
(Conductor: Nicola Festa)
Ermione (Hermione), daughter of Helen and Menelaus soprano Isabella Colbran
Andromaca (Andromache), widow of Hector alto Benedetta Rosmunda Pisaroni
Pirro, (Pyrrhus) son of Achilles and king of Epirus tenor Andrea Nozzari
Oreste (Orestes), son of Agammemnon tenor Giovanni David
Pilade (Pylades), Oreste's companion tenor Giuseppe Ciccimarra
Cleone, Ermione's confidante mezzo-soprano Maria Manzi
Fenicio, Pirro's tutor bass Michele Benedetti
Cefisa, Andromaca's confidante alto Raffaella De Bernardis
Attalo, Pirro's confidant tenor Gaetano Chizzola
Astianatte (Astyanax), Andromaca's son silent
Lords of Epirus, Trojan prisoners, Oreste's attendants, Spartan maidens


Walmgate is a street and area in central York, England. It has been occupied since at least Viking times, and contains a number of listed buildings, including two medieval churches.


The Walmgate area is approximately rectangular in shape, and lies within the south-eastern quarter of the city walls. Its boundaries, in a clockwise direction, are the River Foss between Castle Mills Bridge and Foss Islands Road, Foss Islands Road between the River Foss and the Red Tower on the city walls, and the city walls between the Red Tower and Fishergate Postern. The street called Walmgate bisects the area, running south-east from Foss Bridge to Walmgate Bar, one of the gates in the city walls. The other main road in the area is Piccadilly, which runs from Piccadilly Bridge over the Foss to Fishergate Postern and Castle Mills Bridge.



   York city walls (redirect from Walmgate Bar)
   much restored over the years. They continue south and west around the Walmgate area, terminating in another tower (Fishergate Postern), near York Castle
   15 KB (1,801 words) - 00:21, 23 January 2015
   Medieval parish churches of York (section St Denys, Walmgate)
   circle which has used some of the stones from the church. South of Walmgate, near Walmgate Bar and first mentioned in 1279. Excavtions in 1827 and 1945 uncovered
   33 KB (4,504 words) - 13:56, 14 November 2014
   Strays of York (redirect from Walmgate Stray)
   Micklegate Stray (which includes the Knavesmire and Hob Moor), Monk Stray and Walmgate Stray. The Strays are the remains of much greater areas of common land
   10 KB (1,542 words) - 13:04, 30 July 2014
   Barbican Centre, York
   located in York, England. Named after the nearby barbican attached to Walmgate Bar, the centre hosts various music events, family shows and community
   4 KB (446 words) - 23:03, 8 July 2014
   Lamel Hill
   northern part of Walmgate Stray. It is best known for having been the location of a Parliamentary gun-emplacement aimed at Walmgate Bar in the City Walls
   1 KB (127 words) - 20:41, 5 September 2013
   St Denys's Church, York
   0762°W / 53.9567; -1.0762 The Church of St Denys, Walmgate, is a Grade I listed building in Walmgate, York, Yorkshire. It was built on the site of a Saxon
   2 KB (214 words) - 22:18, 17 October 2014
   York Early Music Festival
   University of York and the National Centre for Early Music, St Margaret's, Walmgate. In 2008, events also took place at Harewood House and the National Railway
   1 KB (144 words) - 15:00, 2 September 2014
   York Conservation Trust
   Conservation Trust. The Trust owns properties throughout York in streets such as Walmgate, Micklegate, Low Ousegate, Goodramgate, Gillygate and Stonegate. Among
   2 KB (258 words) - 14:19, 1 November 2013
   National Centre for Early Music
   converted and extended, Grade I listed medieval church of St Margaret, Walmgate. Designed by van Heyningen and Haward Architects, the Centre was opened
   3 KB (303 words) - 15:13, 14 November 2014
   Walker Iron Foundry
   June 1853) 'Iron & brass founder, bell-hanger & smith', at Dixon's Yard, Walmgate. The son of William and Elizabeth Walker, of the Aldwark-Hungate area,
   8 KB (1,201 words) - 03:02, 11 July 2014
   The Press (York)
   Steve Hughes Founded 1882 Political alignment Centre Headquarters 76-86 Walmgate, York Circulation 25,989 (December 2010 – June 2011) Website www.yorkpress
   2 KB (163 words) - 00:16, 26 September 2014
   Burwell, Lincolnshire
   Tattershall, along with its chapels at Authorpe, Carlton, Muckton, and Walmgate, and other lands around Burwell. The manor house, Burwell Hall, was situated
   7 KB (561 words) - 23:37, 16 October 2014
   List of York sites of interest
   National Railway Museum River Ouse, with boat rides St Denys's Church, Walmgate St George's York St Mary's Abbey St. Michael le Belfrey, where Guy Fawkes
   3 KB (285 words) - 17:11, 21 November 2014
   the York Inner Ring Road) was constructed between Layerthorpe Bridge and Walmgate Bar. In 1824, the York Gas Light Company began production on a site between
   6 KB (769 words) - 22:32, 6 November 2014
   apothecary in Stonegate. On gaining his certificates, he set up as a chemist in Walmgate. But after marrying Harriet Atkinson in 1823, he met her elderly uncle
   9 KB (908 words) - 02:06, 28 January 2015
   many medieval houses outside the city walls were lost. The barbican at Walmgate Bar was undermined and explosives laid, but, the plot was discovered. On
   116 KB (11,088 words) - 12:17, 30 January 2015
   York Council election, 1999 (section Walmgate Ward)
   Walmgate (2) Party Candidate Votes % ±% Labour D. Wilde 779 Labour D.W. Smallwood 748 Conservative P. Thompson 342 Conservative S.E. Anson 334
   36 KB (37 words) - 10:25, 29 December 2014
   Siege of York
   sectors. To attack Walmgate Bar, they set up a battery of guns on a nearby rise, Lamel Hill, and also dug a mine beneath the Walmgate Bar barbican. The
   16 KB (2,190 words) - 09:13, 1 February 2015
   Victoria foundry
   Foundry, Chesterfield. Predecessor to Markham & Co. Victoria Foundry, Walmgate, York. 1850s establishment of the Walker Iron Foundry Victoria Foundry/works
   633 B (82 words) - 05:06, 22 April 2012
   Henry Isaac Rowntree
   1860, Henry Rowntree went to work for the Tuke family at their shop in Walmgate. In June 1862 Henry Isaac bought out the chocolate, cocoa-making and chicory
   3 KB (232 words) - 18:34, 5 August 2013

   Thomas Glemham
   and Glemham was credited with destroying a Parliamentarian mine under Walmgate Bar, by digging a counter-mine through which the attackers' mine was flooded
   8 KB (921 words) - 05:42, 29 October 2013
   River Foss
   is the Foss Bridge (1811–12), which links the streets of Fossgate and Walmgate. Origin Near Oulston Reservoir, Yearsley 54°09′38″N 1°07′54″W / 54
   15 KB (1,373 words) - 14:24, 6 December 2014
   Road and including York Cemetery. Between Fulford and the university is Walmgate Stray. Low-lying land near the River Ouse is prone to flooding.[citation
   8 KB (827 words) - 02:41, 27 November 2014
   St. Lawrence Parish Church
   church in York, England. It is situated in Lawrence Street, just outside Walmgate Bar. It is dedicated to St Lawrence, possibly in deliberate reference to
   7 KB (737 words) - 08:20, 20 January 2015
   Grade I listed buildings in the City of York
   956703; -1.076247 (Church of St Denys) 1256313 Church of St Margaret Walmgate York Church C20 01954-06-14-000014 June 1954 SE6095251566 53°57′24″N 1°04′21″W
   29 KB (103 words) - 22:12, 10 October 2014
   University of York
   several other properties including Catherine House, Constantine House, 54 Walmgate, and Fairfax House. The University publishes an annual code of practice
   61 KB (6,307 words) - 18:14, 25 January 2015
   Bridges of York
   Georgian gritstone arch with balusters, links the streets Fossgate and Walmgate. It is believed that the earliest bridge on this site was constructed during
   14 KB (1,697 words) - 15:45, 31 January 2015
   John Bowes Morrell
   registered charity, York Conservation Trust Limited. Bowes Morrell House, 111 Walmgate, York The JBM Library How York Governs Itself: Civic Government As Illustrated
   5 KB (506 words) - 18:35, 2 September 2014
   St Wilfrid's, York
   The funds, however, were diverted to build a much needed Church in the Walmgate area for the large number of Irish Catholics who settled there during the
   6 KB (949 words) - 02:15, 12 October 2014
   List of United Kingdom locations: Wa-Wal
   Walmersley Bury 53°37′N 2°18′W / 53.61°N 02.30°W / 53.61; -02.30 SD8013 Walmgate Stray York 53°56′N 1°04′W / 53.94°N 01.07°W / 53.94; -01.07 SE6150 Walmley
   54 KB (26 words) - 07:24, 3 January 2015
   Grade II* listed buildings in the City of York
   960988°N 1.08295°W / 53.960988; -1.08295 (31 Stonegate) 1256520 77 Walmgate York Shop 15th century 01954-06-14-000014 June 1954 SE6084351533 53°57′23″N
   58 KB (109 words) - 11:42, 21 July 2014

Opera North[edit]

Some singers who have appeared with Opera North:

Sister cities and twin towns[edit]

Chernivtsi has seven sister cities/towns, as follows:

Country City/Town County / District / Region / State
Austria Austria AUT Klagenfurt COA.svg Klagenfurt Kaernten CoA.svg Carinthia
Bulgaria Bulgaria Pleven-coat-of-arms.svg Pleven Pleven Province
Canada Canada 25px Saskatoon 25px| Saskatchewan
Israel Israel Nazareth Illit COA.png Nazareth Illit North District
Poland Poland POL Konin COA.svg Konin POL powiat koniński COA.svg Konin County
Russia Russia Flag of Podolsk (Moscow oblast).png Podolsk Coat of Arms of Moscow oblast.svg Moscow Oblast
United States United States 22px Salt Lake City Flag of Utah.svg Utah

Castlegate House[edit]

Castlegate House frontage

Castlegate House is a Georgian townhouse in York. The house is a Grade I Listed building, and its railings and gate piers are Grade II*. Castlegate was originally the main road to York Castle, and Castlegate House is located at No. 26. Nearly opposite is another Grade 1 listed building (Fairfax House at No. 27), but, unlike Fairfax House, Castlegate House is not open to the public.


The house was designed by the famous architect John Carr in 1762-3 for Peter Johnson, a Recorder at York's Assize Court. In 1765, Carr had also prepared plans for the Assize Court within York Castle, giving Johnson a very short walk to his work, but the Court was in fact not completed until 1773-7. Carr's Assize Court, renamed as a Crown Court in 1971, still exists. Johnson, who was born in 1719, died in 1796.

A Quaker School for girls, which had started in the original 1785 Friends Meeting House between Castlegate and Friargate, later moved to Tower Street. In 1831, Castlegate House became a continuation of the Friends Girls School, which was finally relocated in 1857 as The Mount School, York, at Dalton Terrace. Freemasons...

[[2]] Alcuin Lodge (York) Freemasonry


[[3]] [[4]]

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