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GURoadrunner has been on the Internet since 1996 and is a member of the media.

GURoadrunner's major task right now is working on the backlog of articles that need Wikifying -- and I'm not afraid to AfD articles to get it out of Wikipedia and explicitly clear this list of backlogged articles. Also, []

WP:MOTOR * F1 Digital + * Paul Stoddart * Peter Sauber

List of articles by class that hold Top Importance to WPF1

Spirit team F2 results Hermann Lang results page sandbox * Wikipedia:Peer review/Alan Kulwicki/archive1

More work: City News Bureau of Chicago * Western International Hockey League * 2007 Italian Grand Prix

19 articles
C-Class article 2008 Formula One season
Hamilton WP-F1.PNG
B-Class article 2008 Australian Grand Prix
C-Class article 2008 Malaysian Grand Prix
2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
2008 Spanish Grand Prix
2008 Turkish Grand Prix
Featured article 2008 Monaco Grand Prix
B-Class article 2008 Canadian Grand Prix
2008 French Grand Prix
C-Class article 2008 British Grand Prix
2008 German Grand Prix
Featured article 2008 Hungarian Grand Prix
Start-Class article 2008 European Grand Prix
2008 Belgian Grand Prix
2008 Italian Grand Prix
C-Class article 2008 Singapore Grand Prix
Featured article 2008 Japanese Grand Prix
2008 Chinese Grand Prix
Featured article 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix

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Want stuff to do?[edit]

Article developments

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try.

Fix spelling and grammar

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Fix wikilinks

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Update with new information

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Expand short articles

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Check and add references

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Fix original research issues

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Improve lead sections

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Add an image

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Translate and clean up

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I'm Ron Burgundy?[edit]

Dude! There's that citation page I've been looking for