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This user is no longer active on Wikipedia.

Real life has become far more pressing. As such, I no longer have the time to contribute to Wikipedia. I may edit from time to time, but it will be only for rare and very special occasions.


Hello, welcome to my user page. Though my username is Guyinblack25, I also go by Guyinblack, Guy, and GiB. I have been editing on Wikipedia since mid 2005, but didn't get a user account until April 2006. I began editing because I thought that the idea of Wikipedia was very cool and worthwhile, and I wanted to help expand it. I created a user account so that I could create articles and upload images. I have experience working with webpages in HTML, CSS, and PHP. I also have a working knowledge of JavaScript and ActionScript. Luckily, this has helped me transition into the wiki code used on Wikipedia.

Though I'm not a Wikipedia manager of any kind or even an administrator, I believe in open door policies because we're all on here to improve things. So if you have a question, comment, complaint, or whatever, please leave me a message on my talk page, and I'll respond back to you on your talk page.

Current Projects[edit]

Though I have limited time on here, I try to work on video game articles. My focus is mainly classic/retro/older games and other high-importance topics. They an underrepresented segment on Wikipedia and I think their historical value is too important to overlook. Also, the smaller number of registered and anonymous editors on those pages is less stressful to work with than more contemporary games.

Here is a list of articles I am either working on or would like to work on; a "to do" list if you will. If you would like to help improve an article listed below, please contact me as I have little time to do in-depth work by myself. I also like to bounce ideas off others, so even if you don't feel you could contribute much, I'd greatly appreciate the help. Just give me some time to dig up the print sources I have stored away (see User:Guyinblack25/Resources). In a somewhat loose order:

Working on or started
Would like to work on
Redo articles in need of updating to meet current guidelines.


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