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Pauli "Gwaur" Marttinen (b. August 15, 1989) is a Finnish professional student of classical music, who also goes in for computers and entertainment. His hometown is Kouvola.

More accurately, my computer hobby mainly contains hanging out on IRC, and surfing around the Internet. Into entertainment I include video and computer games, music and films. Of games, I'm more interested in old classics, such as the Super Mario Bros. games. I listen to high romantic classical music and compose symphonic music myself, and my favourite composers include Maurice Ravel, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Franz Liszt. My favourite genre of movies is high fantasy, and the one movie I love the most is Hayao Miyazaki's My Neighbour Totoro. I also watch quite a few anime series and films, such as K-On!.

I study classical percussion instruments at the Conservatoire of Lahti. I also enjoy conducting and playing the piano, the horn and the recorder, and am interested in unusual instruments, such as the stylophone and the xaphoon. I also compose symphonic music, and right now I'm working on my orchestration skills and searching for ways to make rich harmony while being essentially trichord-based and tonal. I'm also making music for a video game project I have with friends.