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Spent years in: Estonia
Spent months in:
Spent weeks in: Finland Spain Latvia
Spent days in: Belgium France Czech Republic Slovakia Poland Lithuania Austria Russia
Visited: Luxembourg Monaco Andorra Switzerland Liechtenstein
Passed by: Sweden Denmark Germany Netherlands Italy
This idea was stolen


H2ppyme has been an user here for years, he doesn't really remember when he first came here. This user was created in the beginning of 2006, but for some reason was forgotten for half a year from July 2006 to January 2007. The person using this username has been editing Wikipedia without logging in for a long time. This person is usually too lazy to write longer articles, but wherever he sees something missing, he fixes it.

Timeline of Estonian History[edit]

This is my ongoing project about key dates in Estonian history. It is not yet finished, so it contains a lot of irrelevant information. Anyone is free to contribute and discuss this project. User:H2ppyme/Sandbox2

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