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I'm an assistant professor in biomechanics, specializing in animal locomotion. My prior work has focused on arboreal snake locomotion, sidewinding and power amplification in frog jumping.

On Wikipedia, I try to contribute specialized knowledge from my areas of expertise in what little spare time I have. I'll often add long blocks of text, entirely new pages, or perform major re-writes. I frequently forget references, or add them in incorrect formats, so anyone is encouraged to fill in those omissions (as I may simply forget to come back and add them). It should generally be assumed that I don't know the right formatting for just about anything, and am just here to perform "brain dumps" for the sake of spreading information.

Please bug me about fixes/re-writes I've said I'll do on various talk pages "when I'm less busy". Unless it makes it into my "to do" list, I'll probably forget (and possibly even then), and I would appreciate reminders, even if I can't act on them immediately.

I am also the creator of WikiProject_Organismal_Biomechanics

Muybridge horse jumping animated.gifThis user is a member of WikiProject Organismal Biomechanics.

To Do List[edit]

Fix errors in Stretch_shortening_cycle
Fix references in Arboreal locomotion
Fix origins and insertions of erector spinae
Add twitch and tetanus to muscle contraction
Add either a flight section to bat or a whole bat flight page
Muscle embryology very poorly laid out. Especially fix hypaxial and epaxial.
Anatomy as a whole needs to be less human-centric.
Hyoid is far, far too human-centric - major re-write.
Crocodilian_armor Needs to be massively revised. May be stolen in whole from old book.
Aquatic_adaptation is just terrible and needs a complete re-write.
Merge Human_anatomical_terms and Anatomical_terms_of_location, with a massive/major re-write.
Merge Leg and Limb_(anatomy)
Continue revision of muscle and skeletal muscle
Add entire page for On Growth & Form
Add images to arciferal and firmisternal
Merge Human anatomy, human body and body systems

Pages created or completely re-written[edit]

Tools & References[edit]

Reference format tool using pubmed ID etc. [[1]]

Frequent references: Pough's herpetology text: [1] Pough's vertebrate life text: [2] Lieber's muscle text: [3] Biewener's animal locomotion: [4] Kardong's vertebrate anatomy text: [5] McMahon's muscle text: [6]

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