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  • I try to check Wikipedia periodically. Please assume that I do not use Wikipedia on Friday evenings and Saturday. Thanks.

Interests: Judaism, ethics, religion, meta Wikipedia, neutrality

Profession: I have a Ph.D. in religious studies and teach at a major university in the U.S.

Patience... chill out... don't get bent out of shape...

Feel free to write a new comment on my talk page.

Some contributions[edit]

In humble appreciation for my service to human knowledge and Wikipedia, I have been graciously awarded:

This editor is a Grognard Mirabilaire and is entitled to display this 1937 Wikipedia First Edition.

Creating and editing articles[edit]

Judaism and abortion, Bal tashkhit, Bialik Prize, Eugene Borowitz, Michael Broyde, Category:Jewish medical ethics, Catholic moral theology, Chavurah, Joseph Chotzner, Arthur A. Cohen, Consistent life ethic, Damages (Jewish law), David ben Aryeh Leib‎, Menachem Elon, End-of-life (medical treatment), Ethics in religion, Euthanasia, Moshe Feinstein, Emanuel Feldman, Michael Fishbane, Solomon Freehof, Franklin I. Gamwell, Gender and Judaism, Geneivat da'at, Arthur Green, Halakhah, Homosexuality and Conservative Judaism, Inviolability, Isha katlanit, It is time to work for the Lord‎ (verse), Bernard Jackson, Walter Jacob, Immanuel Jakobovits, Islam and antisemitism, Jewish ethics, Jewish beliefs and practices in the reform movement‎, Jewish law and history on smoking, Jewish medical ethics, List of religious leaders with Jewish background (and its AfD), The Lord protects the simple (verse), Marshall Sklare Award, Shailer Mathews, Richard A. McCormick, Hanina Ben-Menahem, Paul R. Mendes-Flohr, Mishpat Ivri, Mobile post office, Lily Montagu, Not in Heaven (verse), David Novak, Palestinian people, Pardes (legend) in Kabbalah, Thomas Percival, Pete Rouse, Posek, Philatelic articles on Israel and Palestine and both, Haleigh Poutre, Reform movement in Judaism, Religion and ecology w/J, Religious law, Nahum Rakover, Risk assessment, Shareholder resolution, Byron Sherwin, Shomer Shabbat‎, Daniel Sinclair, Socially responsible investing, Spertus Institute, Mordecai Tendler, Moshe Tendler, Rebecca bat Meir Tiktiner, Tobacco smoking, Ephraim Urbach (partial translation), Otte Wallish, Glanville Williams, Moshe Zemer, Sheldon Zimmerman

In lieu of a visit, created History of the Jews in Northern Ireland.

Disambiguous: Ethical issues in psychiatry, Ritual slaughter

Incidental: Kyle Snyder (baseball player), Kyle Snyder (war resister), Ryan Johnson (war resister), Charles M. Falco, Ibn al-Haytham, Hockney-Falco thesis, and Nizami Gandjavi (Azerbaijani poet).

Good article collaboration: Palestinian costumes

Recently started aiming for DYK: Mosque of Omar, Shomer Shabbat, Charles Liebman, Pete Rouse, Postage stamps and postal history of Israel and Palestine, Postage stamps and postal history of Israel, Otte Wallish, geneivat da'at. My recordkeeping.


Recently started uploading images, esp. by claiming free use for Israeli stamps.

Facilitation and WP policy efforts[edit]

Quieting the Israeli-Palestinian edit disputes[edit]

  • Trying to advance policy-centered resolutions of the disputes (articles, AfDs, centralized discussion) over comparisons between apartheid South Africa and Brazil, China, Cuba, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. On Israel, see also my workshop efforts. Some policy-related input on ArbCom case, e.g. on remedies and on outcome.


  • RFC/U on Elonka. Tried a middle ground proposal and some facilitation-type comments.
  • RfA on JamieS93 (esp Talk page, such as here). Participated in a few others.
  • RfC/U on Majorly. Offered an uninvolved party's assessment of (some of) the extensive evidence, etc.


List of religious leaders with Jewish background, Christian Torah-submission‎, [Teddy Lupin], Jewish defense, Jen Taylor Friedman, Moshe Aryeh Friedman (no relation!?), /John Alves Arbuthnot‎ discussion, Ryan Johnson, The neo-lachrymose conception of Jewish-Arab history‎, List of people called Rabbi, Chanukah Harry, List of Jewish United States Supreme Court justices, Genesis 1:1

Maintenance work[edit]

Dealing with Pardes (legend)‎ and thereby Kabbalah.

Counter-vandalism novice efforts. Examples (latest first) [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], [10], [11], [12].

Addressing a hoaxster about "Selective Judaism."

Dealing with a WP:NPA violation here

Commenting on a WP:POINT (nice outcome)

Started reporting edit warring/3RR and requesting page protection, e.g. Battle of Jenin, 1929 Hebron massacre, Allegations of Israeli apartheid. In addition, case of NPA [13]

Tagged for notability: Moshe Kletenik, Rivy Poupko Kletenik, Chaim Rapoport, Joel B. Wolowelsky

(Installed TW and did series of AfDs etc, 9-1-08)

User pages[edit]

On Allegations of Israeli apartheid: Synthesis of AoIA arguments, Merits of further discussion of title, and draft oIA restructuring (implemented by another editor).

Clarify Jenin editing battle

My training and evaluation (draft)

Philately drafts

User:HG/wiki accounts


Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Israeli apartheid and Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/Israeli apartheid/Proposed decision 2006 case, 2007 case, /Evidence, etc., and list of apartheid AfD and other cases

Template AoA debate

User talk templates and Commons:Copyright tags

Category:Wikipedia Arbitration enforcement templates

Content and policy disputes: WP:DR, WP:MEDCAB, WP:RFC, WP:3PO, AN/sources, WP:ASSIST User conduct disputes: WP:WQA, WP:ANI, WG rc


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