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To be determined.

Hierarchy Definition[edit]

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    • China
    • Cities; although administrative divisions of the PRC and ROC are strictly defined
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  1. To expand coverage of China in general, and to fill in the thousands of gaps in township-level divisions on Wikipedia.


Any town (镇) , township (乡), or subdistrict (街道) that can be proved to exist.




  • Coordinates: Use precision to the nearest second for towns and townships and tenth of a second for subdistricts.
  • Pushpin map: Use the provincial map if possible for towns and townships, e.g. "China Shandong". For subdistricts, a map of the district or the city would be preferred.
  • Specific area, population, postal code and area code information can be found in the District-level government website or by navigating through If does not provide the information, you definitely will need to go to the government website.


  • Language: Unless there is a good reason not to, Chinese, using the ZH-template, must be included in parentheses in the first sentence. This is in accordance with WP:MOS-ZH.
  • Geographical information
    • For subdistricts, you ought to mention, in the first sentence, the district or county-level city the article is in.
    • For towns, the format "X is a town in D-cardinal-direction S-provincial-level-division, R-region of China" is preferred but you are free to choose whatever you want
    • For townships, in addition to the sentence structure used for towns above, it would be preferred if you could add the county-level division

Image Guidelines[edit]


Templates for each county-level division will need to be created; they should include a blanket list of the township-level divisions.