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Habbit's habits
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By August 2009, I'm a 20 years old Spanish student currenly battling with Aerospace engineering at the Technical University of Madrid. I also like Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics, particularly the former, but sided it in favour of Aerospace because of the growing saturation of the programmer market here in Spain. Also, I wish to be the first designer of a FTL drive.

Politics also attract me. I'm quite involved with elections in Spain, and I created ADSVote out of the blue to draw the cool graphs I saw on the papers. Like this one

I'm also a computer programmer running a (very) small enterprise - Acceso Directo Software, Spanish for Shortcut Software - , and I've published some apps like HashSum and ADSVote under GNU General Public License. I am an adamant advocate of copyleft software, and, though I have nothing personal against Microsoft, which is just an enterprise legitimately trying to extract profits from their investments[1], I try to keep my ownership of their products to a minimum. Thus, I run GNU/Linux as my main operating system[2] and, even when running Windows (usually just to play the few games that don't run on Wine), I use free software applications. As with many hobbyist programmers, nearly all my apps are in "eternal beta", though they are usable for me. As an example, the graph on the left was rendered by ADSVote, version "1.1" (which does not imply that there has ever been a stable 1.0 version).

Committed identity: d25e7eb8c225f63a c2096a178248ff3b f42fc9b03fb74b22 58cdd3b45c87062a db27dbf36ad6bf11 2c78f31552950fa4 a898e9def72671b3 b424be301fbdfe28 is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.


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For your work in articles pertaining to HM the King of Spain. I, BolinhasFofas, hereby award you The Barnstar Royalty and Nobility.
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and for creating File:National Assembly of Serbia.png.
Thank You.
this WikiAward was given to Habbit by Vanjagenije (talk) 22:11, 20 March 2010 (UTC)
  1. ^ Of course, this does not justify their monopoly practices, which has earned them some fines from the European Commission.
  2. ^ Actually, two instances of it: Ubuntu Linux is my choice, though I also have a copy of Gentoo Linux for recovery purposes (and, of course, toying with it).