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Welcome to my user page.

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Busy in real life, so I'm not as active as when I first started with Wikipedia. Please be patient if you leave a message. I'll try to check in every few weeks, but it could be months sometimes.

New articles[edit]

Aftermath of World War II
Battle of the Caribbean
Commanders of World War II
Elsenborn Ridge
Extinction burst
Flipper pie
History of animal testing
List of TRS-80 games
Stylianos Kyriakides


Allied war crimes during World War II
Ambrose Burnside
Army of the Potomac
Battle of Verdun
Biomedical research
Causes of World War I
Causes of World War II
Classical conditioning
Crimean War
Don Carlos Buell
Erwin Rommel
Franco-Prussian War
George B. McClellan
James Longstreet
Joseph Hooker
Joshua Chamberlain
Jesse Owens
Lucy the Elephant
Robert E. Lee
U.S. Third Army
Western Front (World War I)
William Rosecrans
World War I
World War II


Thanks for the encouragement on the Elsenborn Ridge article. I was clueless on this user page stuff so I did not get back right away. Still a newbe, but I hope to add more in the "Battle of the Bulge" area, and Civil War Navy areas. Frank (talk) 04:02, 3 June 2010 (UTC)