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About Me[edit]

My old account was Pancakebatfish which was also the name of the first Wikipedia article I started. I speak and write in Japanese and English. I'm a member of the Cascadia Wikipedia group!

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Pages with my photos:


Some of the pages that I've started:

Some of the pages that I've worked on are:


I wrote a code to create a wiki table from text file data in Python. Feel free to use it if you find it useful.

# Change example.text to the actual text file name
data = open("example.text")
# Change the names and number of headers accordingly
print '''{| class="wikitable" border="1"\n |-\n !  Header1 \n !  Header2 \n !  Header3 \n'''
for line in data:
    # Change what you want to split it by (it's a comma here)
    a = line.split(',')
    # Change the numbers accordingly to which word you are putting into the table
    one = a[0].strip()
    two = a[1].strip()
    three = a[2].strip()	
    combined = '|-\n|' + one + '\n|' + two + '\n|' + three   
    print combined
print r'''|}'''


My other interests include:

I have suggested a new wiki project: Deep Sea. If you love deep sea creatures, please add your name to the list of Interested Wikipedians in the Deep Sea section of Proposed Projects.


My friends on wikipedia include: