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My name is hajatvrc (/hʌ'dʒɒt/ + spoken: "V-R-C"). My time on Wikipedia is shared toward various ends, and these ends often shift from month to month. Generally, I like to help newcomers at the Teahouse, and if I need a break from the world, I patrol the recent changes feed for vandalism.

I will always try to assume good faith, except in cases of clear vandalism. I am a very friendly person, and welcome any questions!

If you wish to bring a mistake I have made to my attention, please drop an appropriate, civil note on my talk page detailing the problem. If you wish to do this comically, you may whack me with a wet trout.


Due to time limitations, I write substantial content less often than I used to. But now and then I feel compelled to rescue an article from its inferior status.

My education and interests lead me to focus on the following content areas:

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24 June 2015
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Centralized discussion
Proposals: policy other Discussions Ideas
  • A proposal to gradually offer both wikitext and VisualEditor to new accounts
  • Discuss proposals for celebration of the upcoming 5 millionth article on English Wikipedia
  • An RfC for a banner alert campaign on the threat to Freedom of Panorama in Europe
  • An RfC for a four-day delay period for deleting abandoned AfC submissions under G13
  • An RfC to permit trusted non-admins to close TFD discussions with uncontroversial delete outcomes
  • A proposal to forbid IPs from participating in the RfA process.
  • A proposal to elevate WP:BRD to guideline status
  • An RfC on "edit in Wikidata" links, for templates using Wikidata

Note: inactive discussions, closed or not, should be archived.

You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try.

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