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The Iran's Merit of Excellence Award
I hearby award you The Iran's Merit of Excellence Award for painstaking work to improve and enhance articles pertaining to Iran's culture and heritage. ← ← Parthian Shot (Talk) 06:23, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

Creations & Major Contributions[edit]

My interests are mainly Iranian and Caucasian history, and this is reflected in my edits and contributions. I am an active member of Wikiproject Iran, Wikiproject Azerbaijan, Wikiproject Caucasus, and Wikiproject Former Countries. What I consider "major contributions" are contributions that are extensive compared to the size of the article and articles where I was involved in a lot of discussion and research for.



Babek (film), European Iranologist Society, Shadows in the Desert: Persia at War


Talysh Mountains, Ashooradeh Island, Anzali Lagoon, History of the name Azerbaijan (contributor), South Caucasus (contributor), Abbasabad, Mughan plain, Mil plain, Shirvan (Iran)

People (both real and fictional)[edit]

Hajji Firuz (fictional), Ardumanish, Sahl ibn-Sunbat, Xavier De Planhol, Dabir Azam Hosna, Arranis, Shirvanis


Iran-Tajikistan relations, Iran-Afghanistan relations, Iran-Armenia relations, Iran-Azerbaijan relations, Iran-Bangladesh relations, Iran-Georgia relations, Azeri cartoon controversy in Iran, Iran-Turkmenistan relations, Iran-Uzbekistan relations, Georgia-Azerbaijan relations, Azerbaijan National Democrat Party


Ionia (satrapy), Macedon (satrapy), Cappadocia (satrapy), Lydia (satrapy), Thrace (satrapy), Cilicia (satrapy), Taxila (satrapy), Sattagydia, Gedrosia (satrapy), Maka (satrapy), Bactria (satrapy), Parthia (satrapy), Chorasmia (satrapy), Kush (satrapy), Arabia (satrapy), Libya (satrapy), Districts of the Achaemenid Empire, Balasagan, Carmania (satrapy), Asuristan, Albania (satrapy), Paratan (satrapy), Kushanshahr, Maishan, Abarshahr, Patishkhwagar, List of Iranic titles and ranks, Persia-Georgia relations, List of Iranian states and empires, Mihranids, Caucasus Albania (contributor), History of Azerbaijan (contributor), Beylagan (town) (contributor), Khanates of the Caucasus, Caucasian origin of the Azerbaijanis, Chernomore Governorate


Sacian language, Ashtiani language


Achaemenid Provinces, Sassanid Provinces. Foreign relations of Iran (contributor)


Provinces of the Achaemenid Empire, Provinces of the Sassanid Empire, Treaties of Iran

To-do list[edit]


Persia, Elam, and Saka (as a provinces of Achaemenid, Parthian, and Sassanid Empires) - Shaddadid (organize, re-write, add more information, etc...) - Iran-Georgia relations (finish article)


*Postponed* Finish Template:Sassanid Provinces - Finish Template:Foreign relations of Iran