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Welcome to my Userpage[edit]

This article is about the user, who uses the name of an anime hamster fictional character and channel assignment number in Metro Manila as an alias. For the fictional character, see Hamtaro and List of Hamtaro characters and for the channel number assignment indicated by this user, see DWKC-TV.

My beloved and my birth city Antipolo, where the heart of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage (known as Nuestra Señora de la Paz y del Buen Viaje) was located. It is also known as The Pilgrimage City and The Mountainous City of Southern Tagalog region

Hi everyone, nice to meet all of you, I'm Hamham31. I was also one of the anti-hoax group. I used to work as a disc jockey on a radio station in the Philippines. Currently I'm working from Universal Robina Corporation as a simple employee. I'm also interested of taking pictures of a transmitter in Metro Manila, which is located on where do I live now. Here are some of my taken shots of transmitters, (you'll get use to it since I'm at school or riding a jeep when I got these photos. You may also visit my Tagalog Wikipedia account. I also love to watch Digimon series (preferably Digimon Adventure 02 Davis Rocks!), Flint the Time Detective (fave time shifter Bubblegum and Lynx and of course Tony Goodman Rocks!), and of course Hamtaro (which 12 of the Ham-Hams is my favorite. Namely: Hamtaro, Oxnard, Bijou, Boss, Pashmina, Penelope, Howdy, Dexter, Sandy, Stan, Panda, and Cappy).

After 4 months of inactivity (way back 2012), I've returned here again, and this time, no more sockpuppeting. Just doing my business again as a bonafide editor and a reviewer.

Codename: Hamtaro
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I support the Tagalog language Wikipedia with my contributions.
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Bible Verse/s[edit]

Assume good faith lolcat.jpg

Mark 7:19-23 -"Because it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and is eliminated, thus purifying all foods?" -And he said, "What comes out of a man, that defiles a man. -"For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil toughts, adulteries, fornications, murders, -"Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness. -"All these evil things come from within and defile a man."

Articles Created/Contributed[edit]

Created Articles (including disambiguation page)[edit]

Note: I'm not assuming ownership of this article. This is some list of article that I created/contributed, and of course everyone is welcome to edit it, but please no vandalism and no adding of hoax.

Contributions/Watched Pages[edit]

See User:Hamham31/Articles_Contributed

Signature History[edit]

  1. Hamham31 (talk) - 1st Signature, used from 08/25/2011 - 10/27/2011
  2. Hamham31Heke! - 2nd Signature, used from 10/28/2011 - 08/10/2013
  3. Hamham31Heke!KushKush! - 3rd Signature, used from 08/11/2013 - 09/09/2013
  4. Hamham31Heke!KushKush! - 4th Signature (revision to 3rd signature), used from 09/10/2013 - 09/17/2013 / 02/02/2014 - 06/08/2016
  5. Hamham31Heke!KushKush! - 5th and Current Signature (modified to 4th signature, but still similar with 3rd signature), used from 06/08/2016 - present

Pictures taken[edit]

The far view of under constructed UNTV 37 Manila, Philippines digital transmitter located along Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City. Taken last 04/13/2013 using myPhone Q18TV Duo Camera. The transmitter is now finished, and it is not from UHF 35 but its from UNTV-37's digital broadcast

Old transmitter of UHF 68 located at Monte Rosas Executive Village. Formerly standing at the top of the abandoned hardware building until it was been destroyed and knocked-out by the Typhoon Glenda last July ,2014.