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This is a proposed index page for Wikipedia:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types. It is autogenerated from the aforementioned page by StubListBot.

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This page is updated automatically from the official Stub types page by StubListBot. Changes to this page will be overwritten automatically; please discuss changes in the format on the Talk page.

To mark an article as a stub, find the appropriate stub type from the list below and place it between {{ and }} at the bottom of the article page. Example: {{foo-bar-stub}}.

People by occupation[edit]

People by nation or region[edit]

  • top level items in this section are all children of {{Bio-stub}}

African people[edit]

Asian people[edit]

European people[edit]

North and Central American people[edit]

Oceanian people[edit]

South American people[edit]

Royalty and nobility[edit]