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Opening ( Cover ) comments[edit]

The Ultimate Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.
Cover Notes
To do ...

Please ...

"Don't Panic", (a catchphrase from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams)

In spite of my use of ten apparent "chapter" names, I am not planning to write enough text on this page to make a book. :-)

Instead, I am merely striving to structure this page to organize my use of WikiPedia content for a book I'm working on, since I am intrigued by Wikipedia's ability to print a "book" of its content. Ideally, this will even let me compare the relative value of a WikiPedia book and a Goole Doc document.

As a background task, I am learning about the metdaData project.

Occasionally, I also get "requests" for information that is of interest to more folks that just the person currently asking. Since the information is frequently available here in Wikipedia, I'm trying to build this page into a bit of a FAQ resource. Since these requests are "ad hoc", it is generally difficult to organize them. To compensate for this, I am testing the use of various Associative array constructs, like ...

Other technologies I use heavily include ...

  • TiddlyWiki
  • Dropbox
  • Bookmarking: Diigo ; Tiddlyspace
  • Clipping: ... ; Evernote ; ... ; (Previously Clipboard, which thankfully resurrected my Amplify content, and then sadly shut-down after being purchased. )
  • History (time dimension) research via "On this day" (in history).

Additionally ...

  • I am also improving my Wikipedia skills. For example, I am ...
    • Evaluating the use of Wikipedia subPages to reduce the need to render this relatively complex page.
    • Extending my use of the existing Book capabilities.

Finally ...

  • "Information is data in a Context." -- HwW ( HwWvW ) | Hence, this page should evolve to provide contexts tailored for its intended Audiences (including me). -- HansWobbe ( a.k.a. HwO ; HwWobbe ; ... ) 20:45, 31 March 2012 (UTC)

  0. Cover   1. Foreword   2. Contents   3. Summary   4. Introduction   5. Findings   6. Conclusions   7. Recommendations   8. Appendices   9. End_notes  


Foreword topics
To_Do Extend the "Key Forward references" table.
To_do Keep adding animations (particularly nested tables) to reduce scrolling.

The Foreword (Perhaps this should be Preface in the Wikipedia environment.) generally identifies ...

  • the major Chapters contained in a Book design and cites their purpose.
  • the intended Audience for whom a Book is intended.
  • the Author's intentions in crafting the Book.


The "current" work-in-progress consists of ...


  • Extending my knowledge of how to edit and design WikiPedia pages.
    • Consider the optimal use of animation as implemented via Navigation boxes.
    • Try to float a userbox on the left.
  • WikiPedia knowledge improvement in those Subject areas that interest me.

Communication improvement[edit]

Picture of the Day ... PoTd & PoTp

GoTo ...

"Book" publication[edit]

  • Wikipedia has a "book" capability that make it possible for me to "publish" an "Anthology of Knowledge (that I've gained)".
  • Pages can be added, but it is not yet clear how to add text to the added pages.
    • Perhaps a few User pages could be incorporated, but the number of these should be kept relatively small.


  • The default style(s) are those in use within WikiPedia. Deviations will be documented in this section.
  • The current "10 chapter" structure is a report template that has evolved to accommodate previous writing needs.
    • In prior works, standard chapter numbers of 0 ... 9 have been used, however WikiMedia generates chapter numbers starting with 1.
      • Compatibility may be sacrificed, unless an "index origin 0" preference setting is found.

  • Navigation within this page is being simplified by using Tables to access its relatively complex structure as efficiently as possible, in a number of different contexts. For example, User:HansWobbe#Key_page_sections

Page layout[edit]

  • .../index...
/index transclusion[edit]

This page is User:HansWobbe/index which also transcludes User:HansWobbe/template:templateH. User:HansWobbe/template:ToDoH should be useful.

"User:HansWobbe/template:templateH" =

  • Nest other tables and NavBoxes, making it possible to focus on page Structure, as opposed to Content.
  • Demonstrate some of the value of having a template for each Chapter of the main User:... page(?_
  • Consider the (accidental) nesting of "Gammatical catergories" before altering this structure.
  • Incorporate parameters.
  • Use Class embellishments.
  • Efficiently nest tables.
  • ...

template.H (h4)[edit]

  • This is possible.
  • Note that the Edit control(s) for subPages actually skip directly to such MicroContent.
    • Removing content from User:HansWobbe to its subPages should reduce edit response delays.

  • I should make the navBox float left though, rather than just constraining it with the enclosing table.

  • Help:template
  • Ideally, it will be possible to use Transclusion of fetch just a specific section of an existing page.
  • It may be a good idea to track examples of the use of subPages by other users, if only to ensure that I do not inadvertently trespass on any Wikipedia policies.
    • since templates appear to be "like pages" and there appears to be some concern about the number of User pages, there might be an expected limit to the number of templates.
      • However, templates do accept parameters and can make use of internal conditional logic.
    • It may be useful to try the ElS css-only animation trick.


This section is just a test of a nested, collapsible table, at this time.

This "wikitable outercollapse" does not collapse.
But these tables inside this cell ...
Does collapse
Hiding this part.
This table also expands.
Revealing this part.

More information is available at Help:Table.


Don't overlook this (expandable) Table of User:HansWobbe#Contents (for an over-view of the current structure of this page).

Contents topics
To_do User:HansWobbe#ToDo;

Explore user subPages ( e.g. User:HansWobbe/index and decide where to best place them. ).
To_do Consider combining Sections with Userboxes, to create an effective navigation methodology.


  • Considering the use of Evernote to craft an external Table of Contents for this page.
  • WikiMedia, the WikiEngine that supports this WikiPedia site, is one of the most sophisticated Engines in existence. As such, it provides features and functions that significantly enhance productivity, when used effectively. For example ...
    • The expandable table of Contents, near the top of this section, is just one instance of the available Template support.
      • The ToC can be be limited with respect to the number of levels it shows.
        • This could be exploited by adding navBox structures at the lowest of the displayed levels (the H6 level).
    • Another example is the Navigation box = Wikipedia:A_navbox_on_every_page
    • ...

Key page sections[edit]

The section's table is part of a set of evolving navigation aids.

  • This should become a set of navigation anchor references, probably based on raw HTML, in order to start building the next tier of this cascading navigation tool.
  • Wikidata ( which could be structured as a bit of a WikiBook ).
  • Review "wiki Tables" as part of the development of a "local Contents" tool.
  • Review table markup.
A leading semicolon creates a line that is bold ( like a Heading ), but that does not appear in the ToC.
  • Try nesting this table as a cell into the preceding one ...
T(ime) p(ast) T(ime) t(his) T(ime) n(ext)


Summary topics
To_Do Just an initial skeleton placeholder.

This page is my evolving exploration of some of the issues affecting the use of information, specifically ...

  • Wikipedia's Book creation technology (based on my first impressions) may well be an effective way of producing longer tomes.
  • ... ; Topic research ; Summary structures ; Page navigation ; ...
  • ...


Introduction topics
To_Do Just an initial skeleton placeholder.
  • ...

... of this page ...[edit]

This page is ...

  • an evolving exploration of some of the issues affecting the use of information. Consistent with WikiPedia policies for User pages, this page will be used to improve the quality of my contributions to this environment. It will also be kept as small as possible, tending to grow only as needed to structure and support contributions to other WikiPedia pages.
  • a cache of accumulated research notes I intend to use in my contributions, that have not yet been organized. It has a bit of structure (initially predominantly based on a Time dimension) to aid my subsequent retrieval and removal needs. Updates generally happen at least weekly, although they may not during extended periods of travel, when internet access is difficult. Such travel time periods will generally be posted. In any event, the "View history" link can be used to assess this page's change history.
  • an exploration of the influence that the WikiMedia wiki engine exerts on the structure of Hypertext.

Anticipated Audience[edit]

This page is designed for readers who happen to have a particular interest that I share. As such, it is primarily structured to meet my personal research needs, but in a way that lets me provide links to those portions of its content that are of interest to others.

  • ( The intended Audience(s) may need to be declared. )

... of this User ...[edit]

HansWobbe is ...
incr This editor is an incrementalist.

My fascination with computer applications continues to grow, as it has ever since my first encounters in 1967. For me, the machines themselves are less important than their uses. Watersheds and plateaus include ...

  • 1967's first use of the IBM's 1130 ; 1620 1710 ; and 360/75 for ...
    • modeling the Basic Oxygen Steel-making Process
    • Numerical Weather prediction.
  • ½ decade of APL in the early 1970's and advanced mathematics, applied to forestry, manufacturing, insurance, brewing, and banking.
  • Consulting via ... microcomputer simulations of electric power generation systems & criminal justice legislation & administration.
  • two decades of banking, credit, finance, real estate application development
  • ¼ century of address management.
  • Currently considering the relative merits of various technologies that can be used to host publicly posted, personal material.


Research into required Topics and Subjects, in a manner that at least has the potential to contribute to the goals of others.

  • VisionH-2020
  • ...
  • "Connections", based on demonstrating the value of linking WikiPedia content using the GUI "associative" tool Thebrain into a collaborative Mind_map.
    • TiddlyWiki may be another "associative" technology that can be used to link WikiPedia content more effectively.
  • ...
  • Collaboration
  • ...
  • Community




  • ...

20th century[edit]

... =[edit]

21st century[edit]



  • Evaluating WikiMedia as a way of building relatively large pages.
    • Ideally it will also be possible to export these for "stand-alone" use.

Current considerations[edit]

  • The structure of this page is likely to change as more sophisticated WikiMedia capabilities are incorporated. For example ...
    • subPages
    • Book(s)
      • The "book" software allows page sequence to be altered, providing a more flexible way to restructure Content than just using page sections.
        • This does raise the issue of how many sub-pages may be considered acceptable within this environment.
  • ...


  • WikiMedia may be the preferred engine for building large, structured pages.
    • The limitations of this assumptions should be tested by building this page.
  • Notes
    • It should be possible to incorporate (at least) images via TransClusion, if only from a sister site.
  • ...


WiP = W(ork) i(n) P(rogress

One of the lessons of this page is that some things seem to take a very long time to come to fruition. In fact, this is a common conclusion that emerged in many of the popular wiki environments as individual collaborators inevitably encountered "interruptions" from other aspects of their lives. The resulting delays came to be called "WikiTime". For this page, WikiTime started in 2004-05-23. Since then, it has been "dormant" for much of the intervening time, with short periods more frequent activity. Obviously, however, wikis (and WikiPedia, in particular) remain sufficiently interesting to attract further attention and work.

Inevitably, this creates "WiP" as activity waxes and wanes. A bit of structure is needed to help manage the resultant accumulation of information.

Current MicroContent ...


Evernote ...

  • ...

Currently reviewing ...[edit]

  • ...
  • The automatic placement of Contents in front of the first page section does affect page design since it is important have engaging content appear at the top of the page, within the scope of the first displayed content. Fortunately, there are controls that force alternate placements.
  • Wikipedia:Article_size#Readability_issues ... includes some useful statistics pertinent to page size.
  • ...

Mathematics > ...[edit]
  • ...


  • ...



Findings topics
To_Do Just an initial skeleton placeholder.
  • ...
  • Findings include Observations. Given a set of Observations, the natural human tendency to associate Cause and Effect generally leads to a causality theory.
    • Observations that are devoid of context may, however, not be part of a Findings > Conclusions > Recommendations logical progression.
  • ( Continue to build this as a table that can be nested. )
    • Keep approaching this by building on the current needs that demand focused attention.
      • Ideally, these will be scheduled further out into the future, leaving more time available in the short-term.
    • "Bullet" markup does not work (simply) within tables.
    • (Perhaps Alphabetic template(s) should be incorporated. First consider the use of nested Tables.)
  • Try wrapping a collapsible table around these ...


Interests topics
ToDo Remove T(ime) p(ast) entries to the "diary" or History page.
  • The display of Wikipedia pages within Panoramio maps, creates a way of merging Space and Time, that may be effective in Top-Photo-Spots.
  • The "helperMenu" really seems to work well in this environment.
    • It grants direct e(edit) access to any section.
    • Consider the relative value of this versus a userBox.
  • PEST = Politics Economics Society & Technology are some of the major pressures that influence people.



Starting to appreciate the many useful mathematics pages at this site. For example ...



  • ...



Life Domain Kingdom Phylum Class Order Family Genus Species
The hierarchy of biological classification's eight major taxonomic ranks. Intermediate minor rankings are not shown.

Address Management[edit]

  • ...
Mapping ...[edit]


Computer technology[edit]


.Law > REPP

  • Exclusive_right ; ... ; Entitlements ; Magna Carta ; ... ; United Nations Charter of Rights
    • Enhance this to address more "law" content.
  • ...


  • Micro_Four_Thirds_system = ? Angela
  • Panoramio
  • World_heritage_sites
  • Strive to find information that will appeal to professional photographers.
    • Modern digital cameras are creating a flood of images that erode many of the historical business models of professional photographers.
      • Photo-safaris that are educational and that cater to tourism desires may emerge as a growth niche.
        • Top Photo Spots is an effort to explore some of the related ideas.
  • Extend the Travel section to coincide with my images and Top Photo Spots. especially since I generally use Wikipedia content in my image descriptions.
    • Strive to create a useful Book of Wikipedia content that supports travel plans.


Simply put, I have a life-long habit of striving to make tomorrow better than yesterday.

Obviously, the better the tools one works with, the easier it is to accomplish things. For me, computers have been the ultimate power tool, ever since I first encountered them in 1967.

Just now, Evernote is having a significant impact.

  • ...
level 6 heading test[edit]
  • ...
= Level 7 =[edit]
  • Level 7 headings fail to be rendered consistently on the ToC, but they do seem to create a subSection in the Body.




Conclusions topics
To_Do Just an initial skeleton placeholder.
  • ...

Ideally, these Conclusions will be supported by their matched Findings and will, in turn, support matching Recommendations.

Time is of the essence.[edit]

"Time is of the essence" is a this legal adage, I've adopted (with all due respect to those members of that profession who have advised me over the decades) to emphasize the conclusion I reached when I became a "sexagenarian" (i.e. turned 60) that time is now more important to me than money.

I'm told that I'm overly preoccupied with matters of Time. That being the case, I generally find myself using the Present (Time.this) as a separator between Time.past and In fact, I categorize and tag things as ...

Tp = T(ime) p(ast) Tt = T(ime) t(his) Tn = T(ime) n(ext)
2011- & beyond (-) = "Past" 2012- = the annual Present ("This" or "now") Time period 2013- & beyond (+) = Future or "N(ext)"
  • Use prettyLinks to decorate the Tp, Tt and Tn terms.

The need for Business Continuity planning is coming into focus.[edit]

  • ...

"Time" topics[edit]

Spanning "disciplines" is very informative.[edit]

  • Finding the common pattern that exist in various independent disciplines is very informative.

Collaboration is vital[edit]

Individuals have distinct ...

  • talents which can develop into skills
  • experiences which evolve into expertise.
  • ...
  • Strengths and Weaknesses.

For Jeff[edit]


  • MediaWiki is likely the most sophisticated of the WikiEngines.
    • One major benefit of this elaborate engine is the ability to edit Sections. This avoids TooBigToEdit.
  • Additional headings ( that could support the "Findings ... Conclusions ... Recommendations" structure ) ...
    • Benefits
    • Costs


Recommendations topics
To_Do Just an initial skeleton placeholder.

Recommendations, in my experience, are tasks and responsibilities that are assigned to those entities who are responsible for their completion and implementation. Obviously, it's likely pointless to hold an entity accountable for any assignments without confirming they have the needed resources and the necessary authority to commit them. This view (especially when applied to relatively small tasks) can be thought of as assigning tasks to a "to do" list.

At present, these recommendations only includes items that I consider to be on my own "To do" list.

Encourage Collaboration[edit]

  • Contribute to others' goals.
  • Provide attractive content in an appealing manner.
  • Confirm the value of p-adic_numbers.


ToDo topics
ToDo External references seem to skip past this to the end of the page.

User:HansWobbe/template:ToDoH {User:HansWobbe/template:ToDoH}

To-do list for HansWobbe:

User:HansWobbe/post it
.b > Syntax_(logic) ; QR_code ; .bp > Google_Closure_Tools ; Multicore_processor{ Interrupt}
.b.SrEd > ...
.TalesH > Pergamon_Altar > The_Brothers_Grimm

Postit large.jpg


SR & ED[edit]
  • ... Try to edit this book of GdR's.
  • Start writing on a Book version, based on the using the submission Summary.
  • Symbol(s) are fundamentally important. They should be chosen from the Universal_Character_Set and should have Methods that support user (man or machine) interaction.
    • Object naming conventions ( JSON ) should be applied.
    • Multiple Symbols (and their methods) will generally appear within a string, which may create either a Sequential queue or a Positional_notation.
      • The Sequence and Position of Symbols within a string defines a Context, that is fundamentally important to defDataFrags since Global contexts and relative Local contexts are analogous to Nouns and Pronouns. In effect, pronouns cannot be distinctively recognized without effective antecedents.
  • Racket_(programming_language)
  • Pronouns are generally context sensitive, making them informative in considering (locally distinct) NameConventions.
    • This could be illustrated within the TiddlyWiki model
      • Slice ^ Tiddler ^ file ^ folder ^ fileSystem hierarchy ^ computer ^ site ^ ...
      • Document_object_model may be informative, too.
  • SrEd should consider the Evernote search hierarchy as part of Positional notation.
  • vector ... array ... Tensor
  • Try to add a "hide" function to the "Numeral systems" template.
    • At least extract the 'bases' component.

  • is a good tutorial on Templates.
  • Template:Turkey_topics should provide hints regarding how I can animate my User page more effectively.
    • ideally, I would like to be able to ...
  • List_of_famous_diamonds is a sortable table of a type I should make use of.
    • Update the 2004 report graphic.
  • Try using the toDo userbox.
  • Assume that I will only have access to public, read-only, disc space via DFx.
    • Intelligence will then have to be added via TiddlyWiki.
    • Permissions will have to be managed via external solutions, like Evernote.
    • Switch DrW to a googleGroup.
    • Creating a localHost wp:Book to retain a copy of my content.
  • Migrating the bulk of any personal MicroContent to TS- pages.
  • Enclosing more of the existing navBoxes.
  • Creating a personal Userbox that supports a centralized change which then appears throughout the whole document.
    • This may well turn out to be a combination of a Userbox within a Template.
  • Using raw HTML anchors.
    • Can this be done via "wiki ... nowiki" tags?
  • Nesting a collapsible Userbox within a collapsible Table.
  • Add more structure to this ToDo section.
  • Consider how much I wish to inter-connect my various sites.
  • Review 'template' pages to ensure an adequate appreciation of their distinctions from subPages.
  1. Demoted the headings to conform to the standard that the highest level within a page is 2.

  • Investigate why this content does not seem to appear on the rendered page.
  • Complete SrEd.
  • Explore user subPages and templates ( e.g. User:HansWobbe/index and decide where to best place them. )
    • Templates seem to be a particularly attractive way of maintaining focus, since a consistent list of priorities can appear in multiple places.

Consider how to employ this type of "Userbox" structure ...

Tasks ...
Go_to & To_do...
Go_to ... ; Categories@User:HansWobbe#Findings ; ...


Reviews and other research activities should be queued according the their expected due dates.

SRED pertinent material[edit]

Hash table

Expand the existing explanations pertaining to ...

Productivity considerations[edit]
  • Investigating how to best structure this page.
    • One of the significant advantages of MediaWiki is the ability to edit a set of page Sections within the scope of a heading.
      • This does appear to make it possible to create a personal, holistic Content structure that may be used to organize Content.
        • Ideally, it will be possible to just organize Links and Notes that pertain to the larger repositories of related content, thereby providing a current portal into an expanding knowledge base.
Wikipedia page structures and styles[edit]

Tasks ...[edit]

  • Review the use of Templates and try to devise a personal one.
  • Start to incorporate the external links to which content may cascade from this page.
  • Re-consider Heading levels since mediaWiki does not render skipped levels as indentations.
    • Note that MediaWiki does open editViews on the basis of the scope of the headings. This makes it relatively easy to edit the structure of sections.
Consider hosting a MediaWiki site.[edit]
  • Review the MediaWiki markup.
    • The Sections structure of MediaWiki is particularly well suited to editing large pages...
      • ... avoiding TooBigToEdit.
    • Discuss this with rst.



"Numeral systems" navbar ...

"Numeral systems" navbar ...


  • Large endNote sections could be incorporated into collapsible wiki tables to conserve display space.


  • "Shadow of Hercules" @ Whilhelmshoehe.
  • Sanssucci

  1. 2015-01-13: Direct access via TwFive is quite effective.


Index topics
To do ...
To do User:HansWobbe#ToDo;

Explore user subPages ( e.g. User:HansWobbe/index and decide where to best place them. ).


..."Tt" is T(ime) t(his period)[edit]


  • ...


  • Refining this page as part of a learning-to-edit-wikipedia exercise.
  • ...
  • gmMenu can be used to create a personal siteAnchor, effectively providing a personal landingSite.
  • Allow this page to become relatively large in order to determine the practical limits to page size in this environment.
  • ... GoalsH, at least for this environment.

..."Tn" is T(ime) n(ext)[edit]

  • ...


..."Tp" is T(ime) p(ast)[edit]


2000s .Diary[edit]

  • /Diary ... contains items clustered both by Time and by Topic.

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