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Hans Dunkelberg in March 2011
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Translation machines[edit]

I can deal with texts in many languages, with the help of the Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo automatic translators.

Biographical Note[edit]

Born August 22nd, 1975, in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany). My full name — Hans Helmut Dunkelberg — is pronounced [ˈhans ˈhɛlmuːt ˈdʊŋkəlbɛrk] (IPA for German within the Wikipedia), and means God is gracious, i.e., theologically, full of the divine regenerating, inspiriting, and strengthening influence[1] (Hans = John, from Hebrew Yochanan[2][3]), helmet mind (Helmut[4]) dark mountain (German dunkel = dark, Berg = mountain). My last name can also mean harboring the dark resp. harboring in the dark when one derives it from German bergen = harbor.[5]

Fields I am interested in[edit]

I have studied Germanistics, history, geography, law, and ethnology, from 1996 to 2006 (dropped out), and work on prophetical dreams, since 2002, and on reincarnation-like biological and sociological phenomena, since 2006. I have found a considerable deal of regularities in history that will one day very probably help us to understand the organization of organisms on a wholly new basis, and that can also refresh and fertilize many fields of our philosophical, social, and scientific strife, already today. In the last time, there has been added the aspect of a possible extraterrestrial intelligence that may steer much of what we go through on Earth. Apparently inexplicable phenomena in every-day life (which one should be careful to speak about, as one could otherwise easily be counted confused) suggest this may be quite vital a factor, together with certain astronomical regularities that point to the possibility our planet might systematically have been selected as the basis of a new outpost, by a culture that might be supervising our development, still today, to a certain degree.

Fine social jigsaw puzzle of people corresponding biometrically and regarding their mutual relations shows the meaning of Wikipedia[edit]

I feel attracted to Wikipedia, not the least, because of the resemblance of Jimmy Wales to Denis Diderot and that of their leading colleagues, Jean le Rond d'Alembert and Larry Sanger, to each other, respectively.


The one thing about the future that we can be certain of is that it will be utterly fantastic.

— Arthur C. Clarke: Profiles of the Future[6]

I agree that Your work is commendable in building a database of reference to prove reincarnation with precise biometric measurements and identification of personality factors, enabling the establishment of accurate matches between reincarnations.

— Adrian Finkelstein

This does not have to do with reincarnation, at all, but merely with certain sociological and biometric regularities. Those found similar to each other, outwardly, here, can be outright antagonistic, regarding their behavior, just like that is also the case with consanguinity as we have always known it. Nevertheless, dividing mankind into several rows of people living after each other and appearing as relatives in a newly detected sense, the constant values we're on the trace of, here, clearly enough suggest we will never exceed a certain, fixed number of individuals. This tallies with how some peoples have already widely ceased to grow, as well as with credible forecasts on the development of world population.

— Hans Dunkelberg

...well-balanced taking into account general audience, brevity of description and scientific content

— Maxim Chernodub of the French National Centre for Scientific Research on my Wikipedia article about him and his postulation of the superconductivity of the vacuum

There is something in nearly every language which defeats everybody but those rare learners who assimilate a foreign tongue in much the same way as they learnt to use their own.

— Ralph Cooke: Notes on Learning English[7]


  • Nix mehr in kalte Deutschland. Play dealing with the difficulties of workers from Turkey in Germany, 1994 (German)
  • Fatos. Radio drama dealing with the Kosovo conflict, 1999 (German)
  • Top Secret. Science fiction novella, 2009. Two girls and a handful of adults meet the minister of a planet orbiting Lambda Eridani. (German)
  • Science fiction stories and short stories (German / English), in: Andromeda-Nachrichten (since April 2011)

Pages I have created resp. translated into English[edit]



Mary Voytek

Serge Brunier

Walter Greiling

Gregory Jaczko

Friederike Brion

Joakim Eskildsen

Maxim Chernodub

Anna Katharina Schönkopf

Other subjects[edit]

Technical Error

HyperMach SonicStar

Memory (Poul Anderson)

Template: Works by Goethe

Short fiction by Arthur C. Clarke


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