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Hans Schulze enjoying a sangria in Madrid's Plaza Major
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I am an avid scuba diver, love many technologies (astronomy, photography, computers, telecom), and have some strong beliefs about what we have to do to get through the 21st century.

My dive pictures site is located at http colon slash slash go dot to slash thedeep.

I currently work for a fabless semiconductor company in California, and love making things work.

I have co-developed a number of patents, the most recent being:

  • "Stimulator apparatus" US Patent 4719922
  • "Power supply dynamic set point circuit", US Patent 7256571
  • a trio of patents in process regarding memory power savings.
  • Fan control evolution
  • Diagnostic for BGA attach
  • di/dt control
  • GPU Boot display resource control
  • TV connection identification and cable diagnostics