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Hello Wikipedia my name is Chris ^^~
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Long live the King! And Hail to all monarchies!
Pliny the Elder Long live historians and encyclopedists like him!.

I have some months making contributions to wikipedia, and certainly i know there are many things to learn. Share the knowledge it is good way to increase people's culture.

  • My useful templates:
    • {{cite web | author=Doe, John | title=My Favorite Things Part II | publisher=Open Publishing | date=[[2005-04-30]] | work=Encyclopedia of Things | url= | accessdate=2005-07-06 }}
    • {{cite book | last = Mumford | first = David | authorlink = David Mumford | title = The Red Book of Varieties and Schemes | publisher = [[Springer-Verlag]] | date = 1999 | doi = 10.1007/b62130 | id = ISBN 354063293X }}
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Men of the Docks

Men of the Docks is an oil painting on canvas completed by the American artist George Bellows in 1912. Depicting day laborers at the docks of New York City, this 114.3 by 161.3 cm (45.0 by 63.5 in) painting was sold to the National Gallery in London in 2014 for $25.5 million.

Painting: George Bellows
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For a couple of years back a message of in memoriam to Pope John Paul II used be under this section. Since some time has passed, the message was dropped signing a solemn farewell to the John Paul, and now for me it is time to say welcome to Benedict XVI.

For me as a Roman Catholic life goes on. Peace and good luck.