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I am Linda I am really really really super de duper uber hardcore. I like to listen to hardcore (duh!), emo, punk, and whatever else those cool cats on Myspace listen to. I'm not emo, or scene, so don't call me that. I have three split personalitys. "My favorite movie is Sin City, I've never seen it, but its my favorite movie." Myspace isn't cool, so now I'm on Wikipedia. I'm a apathetic nihilist. I try to make myself sound smart by using big words that i don't know. When I go to the store I buy about 5 bottles of hairspray and 3 tubes of eyeliner. I hate hippies. Peace is for hippies. I believe in peace, love, and anarchy. I bring my mom with me to Hot Topic. I like keeping it posi, salty, groovy, hardcore, and very punk rock. Don't call me fat I'll become anarexic. I HATE YOU ALL!!!1 Right On!