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Extentech Incorporation
Exceed Expectations
Industry Cleantech, Computing, Financial, Information Technology, Internet[1]
Founded San Francisco, California (1999 (1999))[2]
Founder John McMahon
Nicholas Rab
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States[2]
Area served
Key people
John McMahon
Nicholas Rab
(Senior Software Developer)
Kaia Cornell
(Senior Software Developer)[3]



Extentech is a developer of Java spreadsheet tools and applications.


Extentech began in 1999[4] and was founded by John McMahon. In 2000, John hired cofounder Nicholas Rab. Extentech was incorporated in 2000 as Extentech Inc.
In 2001 Extentech developed the ExtenXLS Java Spreadsheet SDK and began marketing to the Enterprise software category.

In 2004, Extentech released an open source version of ExtenXLS called OpenXLS [5]

In 2005 Extentech developed the Sheetster online spreadsheet[6] and released it as an open source project under the GPL open source software license.

In 2012, Extentech was purchased by Infoteria Corporation of Japan who discontinued support for Sheetster and continued to market the ExtenXLS Java Spreadsheet SDK.


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