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IIT JEE - Chemistry[edit]

General Topics
Atomic theory
Mole (unit)
Chemical formula
Chemical equation
Chemical reaction
Mole fraction
Molar concentration
Equivalent concentration
Gaseous and Liquid States
Scale of temperature
Ideal gas law
Van der Waals equation
Kinetic theory
Root mean square
Dalton's law
Vapor pressure
Molecular diffusion
Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
Bohr model
Quantum number
Wave–particle duality
Matter wave
Uncertainty principle
Electron configuration
Aufbau principle
Pauli exclusion principle
Hund's rule of maximum multiplicity
Orbital hybridisation
Diatomic molecule
Orbital overlap
Covalent bond
Hydrogen bond
Chemical polarity
Dipolar bond
VSEPR theory
First law of thermodynamics
Internal energy
Work (thermodynamics)
Hess's law
Standard enthalpy of reaction
Enthalpy of fusion
Enthalpy of vaporization
Second law of thermodynamics
Thermodynamic free energy
Gibbs free energy
Chemical Equilibrium
Le Chatelier's principle
Law of mass action
Equilibrium constant
Brønsted–Lowry acid–base theory
Chemical equilibrium
Solubility equilibrium
Common-ion effect
Buffer solution
Electrochemical cell
Standard electrode potential
Nernst equation
Galvanic cell
Faraday's laws of electrolysis
Electrical resistivity and conductivity
Molar conductivity
Friedrich Kohlrausch
Concentration cell
Chemical Kinetics
Chemical kinetics
Reaction rate
Order of reaction
Reaction mechanism
Reaction rate constant
Arrhenius equation
Solid State
Solid-state chemistry
Amorphous solid
Crystal structure
Close-packing of equal spheres
Ionic radius
Ionic compound
Crystallographic defect