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Harm Frielink in Limburg, the Netherlands
Nota Bene: The suggested email address does not exist any more. Please use instead.

Harm Frielink, born on Saturday August 21, 1954 in Leiden the Netherlands, has studied at the Universities of Leiden and Rotterdam. He is retired. He has been working as a teacher for Saxion, as a senior consultant for Newcom Research & Consultancy, IBM and Logica in Amsterdam, Goudse Verzekeringen in Gouda and Micropartners in Woerden. He is married with Riet van Gijzen and both are living together with 2 cats (Angel and Doucy) in a beautiful environment in Nordhorn Germany.
Major interest are:


To do To do and to watch To watch only
Formula One
MotoGP [4]

To follow these sports he uses every possible medium.
Every year I visit the Corus Chess Tournament [5] in Wijk aan Zee and the Daniël Noteboom toernooi [6] in Leiden.


I like to take photographs. I use Flickr to share them on the Internet.


Internet has made knowledge like encyclopedias more accessible. I am contributing content to Wikipedia.

Computer Languages[edit]

The use of programming languages is volatile. Cobol, Fortran, C, C++ have ruled the world, Now Java is hot. The advantage of Java is the fact it is more than a computerlanguage. But for how long will this head start last? What seems to be stable is the usage of object-oriented technology.

External Links[edit]


Lucy and Spikey
Zwerver (Tramp) in the garden


The following has meaning to me for recording the projects at Wikipedia.


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