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Hi, my legal name is Leland Bryant Ross, but in Japanese and Esperanto I go by (ROS') Haruo, and since my Wikipedia activity is mostly in Esperanto that's the handle I use here.

Haruo (春男) is a common Japanese male given name; means "Spring Man" if you take the characters at face value.

My homepage (External link) is La Lilandejo.

Wikipedia time is now 15:48, Sunday, October 4, 2015 (UTC).
As of today, October 4, 2015, I am 61 years, 189 days old.

Articles I started in the English Wikipedia[edit]

Articles I am working on for the English Wikipedia[edit]

Charles D. Blake

Articles I am thinking of translating for the Esperanto Wikipedia[edit]

Jay Berliner The_Piltdown_Men