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                           HASSAL SHARIF        

Hassal Sharif is an ancient town located in Gujar Khan,Punjab, Pakistan.It is 60 kilometers (km) away from capital headquarter Islamabad.It takes approximately 1 hour to reach here from twin cities Rawalpindi/ Islamabad.It is the cultural hub and mid point of Mandra / Chakwal link Road.OGDCL Adhi field is just a few miles from Hassal Sharif.Gujar khan city is situated in the South-East of Hassal Sharif and is nearly about 40 km. Hassal sharif coordinates are 33.20E and 73.11N .World second largest salt mine Khewra Salt Mine is approximately estimated 75 km from Hassal Sharif .

Hassal sharif
Influenced South Asian Sufi Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari

It was founded by Syed Said Muhammad Bukhari and Syed Taj Muhammad Bukhari near about 1550 AD who migrated from Bilot Sharif / NWFP (Pakistan). Syed Said Muhammad Bukhari and Syed Taj Muhammad Bukhari were Descendants of Syed Jalaluddin Surkh-Posh Bukhari.

Here is the rest place of Syed Qurban Hussain Shah Bukhari served his whole life for Islam. He was a Prominent spirtual personality of a Hussainia jalalia silsila (series).

He died in 1968. 

Presently his son Syed Mahmood Ali Shah Bukhari working for Islam. Many non muslim embraced Islam on hands of Syed Mahmood Ali Shah Bukhari after inspiring from Islam.