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My mission in wikipedia would be to complete all links in the Sufi Orders with special reference to the Chishti Order. While I will be doing the bios mostly, I will try to cover the concepts as well, if I find them missing or wanting expansion. I have also done some work on my roots. Please note (m) means I did little or no contribution but I plan to expand or watch.


Help save bios of Sufi saints from Salafi attacks[edit]

The wiki "Jihadist" belonging to Nejdies/Wahhabies/Salafies cult are on a mission to eliminate The Sufi bios & concepts. Attempts to save them are getting me banned by wikipedia administrators belonging to this cult.

If this continues, wikipedia will soon equate Islam to wahhabism. Please help preserve these bios.


Qadeeri Chishti Sufi Saints[edit]

Other Chishti Sufi Saints[edit]

Other Sufi Saints[edit]

Bios of Prominent Sufi Figures[edit]

Bios of Modern Day Sufi Figures[edit]

Bios of Singers of Qawwali (Sufi Music)[edit]

My Sufi Concepts[edit]


Hurs ‎The Tale of the Four Dervishes

My Lineage[edit]


  1. Umar Bin Khattab, second Caliph
  2. Abdullah Bin Umar
  3. Nasir
  4. Sulaiman
  5. Adham, King of Balkh and Bukhara
  6. Ibrahim Bin Adham aka Abou Ben Adham(New)
  7. Ishaq
  8. Abul Fatah
  9. Abdullah Waa'iz Kobra
  10. Abdullah Waa'iz Soghra
  11. Masood
  12. Sulaiman
  13. Ishaq
  14. Mohammad
  15. Naseeruddin
  16. Farrukh Shah Kabuli, King of Afghanistan (New)
  17. Shahabuddin Kabuli
  18. Mohammed
  19. Yousuf
  20. Ahmed, died fighting Hulagu Khan
  21. Shoaib
  22. Jamaluddin Sulaiman
  23. Baba Fareed, Sufi Saint and Punjabi Poet (some contribution)
  24. Badaruddin Sulaiman
  25. Masood
  26. Ishaq
  27. Sadar Jehan
  28. Shareef Jehan
  29. Mohammed Shamsuddin
  30. Mohammed Nooruddin
  31. Mohammed Zainuddin
  32. Mohammed Yousuf
  33. Mohammed, Qazi of Ahmed Nagar
  34. Qazi Ahmed, Qazi of Ahmed Nagar
  35. Qazi Mahmood I
  36. Qazi Kabir
  37. Qazi Mahmood II
  38. Qazi Kabir Basmati, Qazi of Basmat Nagar
  39. Qazi Tajuddin, Qazi of Qandahar, India
  40. "Shamsul Islam" Qazi Muhammed Abdul Malik I, Qazi of Basmat Nagar, Khateeb of Bhoker
  41. Qazi Mohammed Sulaiman "Shaheed", Qazi of Palam, died fighting British rule during First Indian War of Independence
  42. Qazi Abdul Malik II, Qazi of Palam
  43. Qazi Mohammed Abdus Samad aka Sharifuddin, Qazi of Parbhani and Palam
  44. Qazi Mohammed Fayyazuddin aka Qazi Ahmed Muneeruddin I, Qazi of Parbhani
  45. Qazi Waheeduddin aka Hafiz Ghulam Mohiuddin, Qazi of Parbhani
  46. Qazi Ahmed Muneeruddin II, Qazi of Parbhani
  47. Qazi Ahmed Bashiruddin.



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