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I was formerly User:Have mörser, will travel and briefly User:ʔ. Owing to a change in personal priorities, I will probably not be contributing much in the near future, but "never say never".

To do list; please help if you can[edit]

  • Henry William Lovett Hime (1840-?) A (if not the) major proponent of the theory that Roger Bacon had discovered gunpowder independently, and before the Chinese. Influential in his theory that a cryptogram existed in a Bacon manuscript giving a precise formula for gunpowder. A Royal Artillery officer (last rank I could find in his publications was colonel). He published works on many topics, including artillery/military reforms, physics, and even musical critique. Unfortunately, I have yet to to locate biographical information on him. As he is sometimes referred to just as Henry Hime, some editors have confused him with Albert Henry Hime, creating wrong wiki-links.
  • Sudoc; fr:Système universitaire de documentation

Some short articles I've written or significantly expanded[edit]

Article I have cleaned-up from fringe/npov issues, at least to some extent[edit]

Recorded here for WP:DIVA purposes. Face-blush.svg Face-surprise.svg Face-devil-grin.svg Face-angel.svg

What you should and shouldn't expect from ArbCom[edit]

  • Beware the lame duck Arbitrators; they will ban editors otherwise "unblockable".
  • Don't expect Arbitrators other than the drafting one(s) to read any /Evidence on their own initiative.