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{{logo fur
| Article = Air Azul
| Use = Infobox
| Website =

{{Non-free use rationale
|Article=American Airlines
|Description=[[American Airlines]] logo
|Purpose=for fair use on [[American Airlines]] 
# This image is a low-resolution image of the [[logo]] of an airline.
# This image does not limit the copyright holder's ability to profit from the original source, nor will it dilute the importance or recognition of the logo in connection with its organization.
# This image enhances the article in which it's displayed, as it provides an immediate relevance to the reader more capably than the textual description alone.
#Use of the logo visually identifies the company and its products in a manner that mere prose cannot, and meets all criteria in [[WP:NFCC]].
|Replaceability=Not replaceable; logos are always presumed non-free per [[WP:LOGO]].

===Fair-use rationale===
# On [[Hawaiian Airlines]]
## the logo is only being used for informational purposes;
## its inclusion in the article adds significantly to the article because it represents the subject of this article.